Monday, 1 April 2013

3 Questions

3 Questions

On 3/31/13, at 5:55 AM, Jarrafusa wrote: 

To all:
In Absolute Love, Gratitude and Peace:

What IS value?
Where IS that value located?
Who has control of THAT value?

If you spend the energy to answer those three questions you will have the 
Absolute Truth of where you consciously BE at this moment of NOW.  If you 
know where you consciously BE at this moment of NOW, you can consciously 
choose what you DO.

With Absolute Love, Gratitude and Peace
Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf
eternal essence embodied and DO'ing


On 3/30/13, at 10:44 AM, GORAN wrote: 
Heather, please do me a favor and spread this far and wide, if you like it.

"Eternal Essence Prayer"

My eternal essence, which is ever-present in ME,
hallowed be your space.

My kingdom come,
my will be done, on earth as it already is in heaven.

Allow me this day to create my daily bliss.

Allow forgiveness of my trespasses, as this is only contrast
that I purpose to help me choose the fastest path to my joy.

Allow me the power not to push against or even notice those who trespass on 

Lead me through all temptations that separate me from my 
whole complete ascended power of being ness.

Relieve me from the false premises of evil for mine is 
the power and the glory eternally.

This will raise awareness the more people read it out loud.


 AK note:  These verses have been stuck in my head for the last 35 years... 
never really had the context of them until recently... 

 No more will they say, ‘Look, it is here!’ or ‘Look, it is there!’ [externally]....
 For behold, the Kingdom of God is within you.” [internally]
Luke 17:21


No longer will people preach, 
“You must know the Eternal.” 
For all of them will know Me ... 
intimately [within] THEMSELVES
—from the least to the greatest of society.
Jeremiah 31:34