Friday, 11 January 2013

Clearing Up the Confusion Around the One People’s Public Trust

Clearing Up the Confusion Around the One People’s Public Trust

I had an epiphany this morning when I read Lightworker 29501′s post below. Thank you 29501 for doing what you do best—shine a light on Truth.
I believe the whole controversy around the OPPT lies in a MISUNDERSTANDING. The packaging was wrong.
You know how we go to the store and look for our favourite food and sometimes can’t find it? We scan the shelves, certain it must be there where it’s always been but we just can’t see it? We give up and ask a clerk and they take us back to exactly the spot we were looking, reach out and hand it to us—but it looks completely different because they changed the package design? The colours are different and design elements are moved around, they’ve removed some text and made new text bigger in yellow starbursts so it will stand out?
There’s actually nothing ‘wrong’ with the way the OPPT was packaged, but we didn’t see what was right in front of our eyes because we were looking for something different, and our brain knows how to zero in on details and filter what it considers extraneous. It’s well trained. Our eyes can deceive us, but it’s actually our mind at the root.
It seems that many people jumped to conclusions about the OPPT because they thought it was a whole whack of money being promised to be delivered to The People because they didn’t do their homework and closed their mind to the possibilities—OR, in doing their research may have been looking in the WRONG PLACE for verification, (vetting) OR, they took someone else’s word for it and didn’t explore it themselves.
We are so afraid of being lied to, cheated, taken advantage of and manipulated (and rightly so) that we may not be open to the truth and facts as they are presented. We are also too inclined to follow people whom we consider experts without performing our own due diligence.
We’re all human and we can ALL make mistakes—no matter who we are, the degree of our expertise, or the level of discernment we exercize.
Check this out:

Public Trust versus Trust Fund

There seems to be some confusion over what a public trust and a trust fund really are. The One People’s Public Trust is not a trust fund.  The trustees are not promising free money or handouts, contrary to what some people may have told you.

Public Trust

Blacks Law Dictionary, Sixth Edition, p. 1508:
Trust.  A legal entity created by a grantor for the benefit of designated beneficiaries under the laws of the state and the valid trust instrument.  The trustee holds a fiduciary responsibility to manage the trusts corpus assets and income for the economic benefit of all of the beneficiaries.  A confidence reposed in one person, who is termed trustee, for the benefit of another, who is called the cestui que trust, respecting property which is held by the trustee for the benefit of the cestui que trust.  State ex rel. Wirt v. Superior Court for Spokane County, 10 Waxh.2d 362, 116 P.2d 752, 755.  Any arrangement whereby property is transferred with intention that it be administered by trustee for anothers benefit.  A fiduciary relationship in which one person is the holder of the title to property subject to an equitable obligation to keep or use the property for the benefit of another.”
Blacks Law Dictionary, Sixth Edition, p. 1512:
Public trust.  One constituted for the benefit of the public at large or some considerable portion of it answering a particular description; public trusts and charitable trusts may be considered in general as synonymous expressions.”

Trust Fund

The Merriam-Webster Concise Dictionary defines a trust fund as follows:
“Property e.g, money or securities held in a trust; that is, property held legally by one party the legal owner for the benefit of another party the equitable owner. The legal owner, or trustee, has the right of possession and the right of use of the property, but must exercise those rights to the benefit of the equitable owner, or beneficiary. In Anglo-American law, trust funds are set up principally for family settlements and for charitable giving. In the commercial sector, trust funds are often set up to provide for employee pensions and profit-sharing programs.”

In Simple Terms

public trust is an organization that manages something for the benefit of the public at large, where a trust fund is actual money.  Public trusts may or may not have trust funds.
Trusts can be created for almost anything you can imagine.  Often, they are created for large projects that require a set of rules or guidelines be followed, or an objective is reached.


If a loved one gave you $10 million in their will (a private trust), at a rate of $4,000 a month, with a provision to pay for your first house whenever you got married, it is likely that a trust fund would be created for that purpose.
I hope that helps.
I think it probably helped a lot!  Thank you again!
If your mind is now open, or always was, you may also wish to take in these additional interviews via Clayton Douglas with two of the Trustees for the OPPT. Thanks again to Lightworker 29501.
Maybe now the in-fighting amongst the Lightworkers can end and we can work together as One with a single purpose toward a common goal.
“Charles Miller and Heather Tucci-Jarraf www.peoplestrust1776.orghave done a tremendous amount of research and prepared and served the Governor and the Attorney General of the States of California and Washington about the illegal activities of the Banksters and their fraudulent money system. Their research goes all the way back to to Confederation and may provide the legal framework to restore our Constitution and free us from virtual Slavery! It is our labor that they are stealing.”
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