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The Divine Province - Birthing New Earth

Birthing New Earth
Divine Province Front Cover
                 New Earth is here! 

In The Divine ProvinceJaemes McBride and Ed Rychkunanswer a 26,000 year old question of how we manifest and maintain the Golden Age. They bring  into our 3D reality the New Earth consciousness unfolding  now during the End Times. Taking readers on a 6000 year journey of Old Earth, they expose how Earthlings have been ruled by Elite powers and how their means of conquest has been religion and commerce under a corporate model of PLANET EARTH INC.

         History is not what is written

Learn how history has been written by those in power and what new truth has emerged. You will understand clearly how the silent dominion through commerce and religion has separated the Earthlings from spirit thus accepting the physical imprisonment of the body vessel, disguising the truth of who they are. Now at the end of a 26,000 year cycle, a new consciousness has awakened multitudes of sleeping imprisoned souls to bring a New Earth into awareness, threatening the Ruler's dominion and their business plan of the New World Order.

It is an awakening of who we are!

Learn how the Divine Province has rapidly evolved as an expression of the new consciousness. See how it is now manifesting the physical birthing of New Earth, bringing the means from above in 5D consciousness to below into 3D reality, embodying the manifestation of peace, love, abundance and prosperity upon Old Earth. Divine Province is rapidly being populated by Divine beings of Light expressing themselves through Divine physical vessels who know who they are. In this book, the authors reveal how through rising above polarity and fear, one can choose the path leading to the alchemical gold of  the Golden Age under Divine Province where commercial and spiritual sovereignty reign.

The Divine Province: Birthing New Earth
Authored by Ed Rychkun and Jaemes McBride
Soft Cover 7" X 10" is 824 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1927066034
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