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Insider information provided by D from RTS, on Jan 5, 2012:

Recorded conversation with Heather, from www.peoplestrust1776.org:

Not From Australia?

If you would like to create and manage a People's Trust blog for your respective city or region, you can contact us at peoplestrustcity@gmail.com for assistance.

You can also visit:



The following sites/blogs have already been created but are still in need of individuals in these locations to manage them:


Please note that the People's Trust is for all citizens of this planet. Residents of all countries worldwide are welcome to create their own blogs to help spread this vital information. Invitation

An Invitation to All Beings of Light

On behalf of:
Pierre Robert Grandbois

An invitation to all Beings of Light desiring to participate in the creation of a grassroots initiative 'The People's Trust & Planetary Liberation Network'.

Up-to-date website/blog templates are to be found at:
peoplestrustcity.blogspot.ca/ and


1. To inform the people of The People's Trust and to direct them to
2. To create a grassroots initiative that assists the people to re-member, and to
reclaim their freedom and connection to all-that-is.
3. To create an opportunity for online communication by the people, organized by geographical location.
4. To assist the people in meeting each other in person, in their respective
communities, through a common interest in the People's Trust and planetary

The rationale for having two different websites/blogs:

The People's Trust websites/blogs will focus more on informing the people of The People's Trust, whereas the Planetary Liberation websites/blogs will delve deeper into other subjects related to helping free the people.

Suggestions on how to succeed with this initiative:

1. Inform the people through established way-shower websites and blogs, of this
network and how to get involved.
2. Inform the people through word of mouth, established relationships, and other
3. Through divine inspiration and allowing the coming forth of the right individuals, with the right talents, to improve this grassroots network in the best interest of the people. Specifically by:
a. Improving the basic website template and design with appropriate
information, wording, appearance, and organization.
b. Improving the methods of management and coordination of this
network of websites.
c. Leading by example and getting websites by location established and

Most importantly, why?

To be of service to the people and to assist them in their return to empowerment throughout the course of the current shift to global freedom that we are currently experiencing. The speed at which external events of magnitude and importance continue to impact the people for the benefit of all, should not negate the value of this initiative, as the people can benefit by any, and all, initiatives that assist them in supporting each other and gaining an understanding of our planetary liberation, i.e. what has been and is unfolding behind the scenes, and soon to be made known to the general public, in our financial, legal, and other systems and institutions, for the betterment of all.
Planetary Liberation

Please visit our sister site planetaryliberationcity.blogspot.ca for a more extensive array of relevant subjects and information.