Wednesday, 27 February 2013

The Battle Not Fought Became The Power Of YOU BEing

The Battle Not Fought Became The Power Of YOU BEing – 26 February 2013

just-beA supreme sovereign being  is never asked who he or she is.  He or she just IS.  The Being you is important to understand.  There is no need to react nor battle nor fight , nor argue as there is no need to explain yourself  in any way. You just are.  For a lot of us this is the inner battle that still takes place, we engage the charge, go into fights, argue, etc.  We need to see there is no need to have a reaction to all the shit and accusations, charges that are out there to get you not responding in your sovereign way. The sovereign way is  just BEing. 
The battle that leads to this insight is fought within. The triggers to get reacting upon the charges and the triggers that pull your emotional response into it are not easy to let go off.  If you are learning just to BE, and  just be smiling, or walking away without engaging the charges that question your sovereignty, it will bring you more peace in learning as well as those that charge your BEing learn that you are strong and powerful just in BEing.  You stand in your power  and  just BE.  Being in your power that is.
The beauty of your BEing leads inevitably to others seeing YOU.  The real you.  Those forcing battles upon you or trying to get you into arguments need to see that it is not YOU but them that should see what it is they do.  Respecting choices and having room for other views or opinion without having to see things are wrong or right is important.
For those that follow others or have given away their only power that is to BE themselves by committing themselves to controllers, leaders, gurus, forces, just get back to your power and just BE. You are just wonderful and beautiful the way you are in the moment of now by BEing. Whomever questions others in their sovereignty needs to answer to the that him- or her self. There is nothing between you and the creator and all that is anymore. There is only you that is connected with all and is part of all and source as well as others are just like that.
There is always a place where people still can resonate with others or can be resonating with things in their way. The 5D open source playing field is about real unity and love and respecting the other BEings and leaving for all a space to BE. So be DOing that what is empowering the new paradigm. Stop engaging or answering or giving power to that what is not respecting you as your own sovereign being, your authentic self, that has no master but you.  BEing you is enough.  Just say: I AM. The Battle you have not fought has just become, by BEing, the power that is YOU.
Love and Light,