Saturday, 16 March 2013

The Territory Scam

The Territory Scam   

Published on 15 Mar 2013
When your go to your parliament, you need to go through security, this is manned by a private security team, with a Director of Security wondering around in a blue shirt. He gets his powers from the Legislative Assembly. This is where the Law comes in to question.

Posing this question in many ways, shapes and forms, silence has been the reaction, from all those concerned. Those that seem to know clam up, and those that don't know show an interest, and then the "smart" ones, take up our time and try and gauge whether WE THE PEOPLE are a fringe group, or "conspiracy".

No, we have valid questions, that demand valid answers. Silence just doesn't cut it as an answer anymore. Oh look over there a balloon!!!

Even though the Color of Law was there in force, nobody was in any way disrespectful, although threat of force was used, no actual force was used. It wasn't tested either in returning back to the Parliament that afternoon.

The documents you see are OPPT Future Action Courtesy Notices, but the documents being relied on to question with are Court Papers from the Northern Territory Courts in which the Chief Magistrate was asked in very specific words to show proof of Jurisdiction. They have failed to, and a long list of very important people have failed to answer as well, which then brings up the question of Who owns the Government?

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