Friday, 15 February 2013

ADDITIONAL Information for Courtesy Notices from Heather

ADDITIONAL Information for Courtesy Notices from Heather via email

Sweet Pete!!!

Thank you for your energy of BE'ing and DO'ing and I return in kind...albeit late :(  Thank you for your continuous DO'ing and BE'ing with connecting many requests for translations around the world. 

So many asked...thanks to Lisa, Max, Chris, Bob, Ken, Scott and so many others of the people by the people...we all DO give :) The template of "Courtesy Notice" , instructions, etc. are available now...for something already the Courtesy Notice, you can just add in addition you can also add that you 

"accept case [judge, attorney, clerks] duly made admission, now a matter of record, of their being a co-conspirator and co-actor with the bank in fraud, theft and treason, in violation of and damage to your duly secured and REGISTERED BE'ing, standing, authority, rights, value inclusive of property commonly known as.....address....., and principle of law"

 Check Amerikan Kabuki too...I believe they are posted there, removing the shackles, etc.

Many answers to many questions can be found in a pre-recorded show just done by Max Igan that is airing this Friday.

Friday US PST: 8 pm
Saturday East Australia Time: 3 pm

please pass it along..and let's practically apply BE'ing and DO'ing as each one is inspired to DO by with in.

eternal love, peace and gratitude

Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf

The power of the creator is the loving choice to experience through many. 
The power of many is remembering the choice to experience.