Sunday, 3 February 2013


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  • GOLD is the BLOOD of GAIA

    About this time last year I was embroiled in David Wilcock's  "Financial Tyranny" article. As the story about the gold unraveled before me the intuition came to me that "GOLD is the physical manifestation of LOVE on our planet". It shares the same vibration with our Creator Source.
    At that moment it made complete sense to me, why the powers that were had worked so hard to confiscate it, buy it, hoard it and hide it from us. I suppose they thought that doing so would allow them to use its power for their own self-serving well it probably did....temporarily. Thankfully those days are at an end.
    In order to fully understand the motivation, behind the One People's Public Trust, you really would do well to read "Financial Tyranny" It is the most comprehensive compilation of research, tracing back through time, to the origins of our corrupt banking system and it is loaded with links and references to corroborating information.
    Heather, one of the trustees for the One People's Public Trust, has asked us to help heal and free the gold by connecting to it's energy and asking it to co-manifest the Divine will and presence in our world. I spent some time this morning, doing just that and I have to say that connecting with the energy of the gold was the most intensely powerful vibration I've ever experienced! I can't believe I didn't think to do this before! I highly recommend this to everyone! Twelve hours later and I still feel a river of liquid gold flowing through me.
    During the meditation it was told to me that "Gold is the blood of Gaia" and I saw it coursing through the veins of the earth just as I feel it coursing through me now. I feel as though I've been re-united with an old friend.
    My Facebook friend Ginny had the same vision except she saw the gold spouting up out of the earth and raining down upon us.
    I found this Golden Buddha to be very helpful to meditate on for connecting to the energy of the Gold.