Wednesday, 13 February 2013

Melbourne’s inaugural OPPT Meet N Greet

Melbourne’s inaugural OPPT Meet N Greet event last night was a great success with 34 OPPT-INERS attending.

Go Melbournites! Come on Everyone! This is exciting!

Many commented that they liked the relaxed meet n greet style - rather than sitting done listening to someone speak - so that is what we will focus on. Most of the nitty gritty OPPT Information can be gleaned at people’s leisure from the weekly radio shows, youtubes, OPPT Melbourne skype chatroom, the hundreds of websites - including the and future webinars. These meetup events are about BEing face to face and interacting with fellow BEings on the same journey.... We are now looking for other OPPT-INERS to follow suit and start up a Melbourne group in the North, South, West & Geelong so travelling is kept to a minimum. Then we can all come together a few times a year at a central location…… BE the change you want to see with OPPT

Next meeting: 12th March 2013 -  every 2nd Tuesday of the month 
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