Saturday, 2 February 2013

No Health Challenge Is Impossible

This blog is mainly dedicated to the OPPT, however every now and again I come across something so amazing that I have to share. If this man can do what he has done in 10 months, imagine what we can do as a collective to change our world!

No Health Challenge Is Impossible [Video]

Here’s a video for anyone who’s been told to “forget about recovery,” that “nothing can be done,” or that “you just need to accept your limitations and move on with the rest of your life.” I was told that by dozens of doctors after my 1998 brain injury, including one of the top neurologists in the US. Yoga played a big part in my own recovery, but so did determination and seeking out those (very) few people who recognized the severity of my circumstances but still believed I could recover.

This video shares an amazing transformation. Whether you’ve got your own health challenges or you know someone who could use a little inspiration, this one’s worth a watch. The power of belief, coupled with action!