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Looking for Absolute Data

REMOVING THE SHACKLES: Looking for Absolute Data: IQD & the new financial system The Wizards behind the curtain have been busy this week.

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Looking for Absolute Data: IQD & the new financial system
The Wizards behind the curtain have been busy this week.

So have their puppets.

For those of you holding foreign currency, waiting for a knock on the door and waiting for 
that grand announcement or your banking codes, well..... there is a shit load of stuff going on in the back 
ground right now.  Some of the stuff going on makes it very clear to anyone watching, with even any 
amount of neutrality and the ability to think rationally, that it's not all rainbows and unicorn farts that's 
pushing through this new financial system.... and they are pushing it really hard.

I've discussed what's been going on in the background several times in the past few weeks.  I tried to be 
subtle and perhaps that was my mistake- so each article has been more and more straight forward.  
Personally I thought that my "What If..." article was pretty damn straight to the point, but I'm still getting 
people sending me emails and skype messages asking for more clarity because they don't understand (I 
guess). So I'm going to talk straight to the point, as sharp as I can.

This is the time for Absolute Data.  I will share with you what I know, what I have been told, what I have 
figured out, and what my rational mind is telling me when it  has weighed all the information and the 
intel and mixed it together with what my intuition is telling me.

We are being told that this new financial/economic system will be the saving grace of the world.

We are being told that this new financial/economic system will roll out with the global currency 
revaluation as all nations will immediately be gold/commodity backed and each country's currency will 
reflect the real WORTH of each nation.  That along with this new system will be the return to Common 
Law and the enactment of NESARA- globally.  That the prosperity packages, and the various trust funds 
will roll out, wiping out of all debt- both national and personal.....

WE are being told that this is all being done by wonderful people who, out of the goodness of their 
hearts and a wish for the betterment of human kind, are working from some higher level of 
righteousness and benevolence.

Let me paint you a picture of what's going on in the background, and then you tell me if this resonates 
with some "higher level of righteousness and benevolence".

Last Friday, right after the markets closed, the Somalian Shilling suddenly jumped from being worth 
$1USD = 24,300 SOS (somalian shillings),  to being worth $1USD = 1605 SOS.   Go ahead and look at 
the UNs operational currency rates (which for Somalia hasn't been updated since April 2012):

Somali Shilling 24,300.0 01 Apr 2012

and then go look at just about any online currency exchange site- here is XE:


Text Version below:

0 : 43         USD       GBP         INR         EUR        CAD        KES        EGP        PKR        NOK
1 SOS 0.00063 0.00041     0.03404   0.00047 0.00063 0.05531   0.00426 0.06202 0.00349
Inverse: 1581.97 2451.26 29.3814   2109.07   1580.82 18.0797 235.011 16.1229 286.736
Mid-market rates: 2013-02-14 15:23 UTC

Yes as of today the SOS has changed from 1605 last friday to 1581.97 today.   That means that it's being 
traded AT those rates.

ahhhhhhh, but you can't get that rate from the bank!  Strange that.  All the currency exchanges are 
showing a trading rate that is fluctuating, yet even if YOU had some SOS, you wouldn't be able to 
exchange it for the new rate.

Next ask yourself:  WHO just made a freakin' KILLING on the Somalian Shilling?  (You might want to 
start by questioning Pelosi and Hillary..... just sayin') (Oh and Hillary?  We know about Cameroon too- 
seriously chick, you might want to cover your tracks a little bit better than that, lol)

The IQD has been on the back screens of the US big banks since December and it's being traded back 
and forth between banks like the phone number of the town floozy.  The banks- like Chase, BOA, 
Wells Fargo etc... are making a killing on it.  OH!  but YOU can't exchange YOUR IQD for the rates 
they're trading at!!!!

Same with the Vietnamese Dong.

As a matter of fact, if you're running Windows 7 and have their currency exchange rate app, then you 
know that the VND has been showing at $.48 ALL WEEK!  If you use google chrome, and you do a 
google search for "currency converter vnd to usd" you'll see that it's showing a $0 value- no matter what 
currency you pair the vnd with and it's been showing that since this Monday.  Various Canadian banks 
haven't had ANY exchange rate for the VND for most of this week.

It is NOT possible for a currency to have a 0 exchange rate.

All the currency exchange sites show the old rate and most of the banks, if they have a rate, are showing 
the old rate.  But the banks are all busily trading the VND on their back screens for the new rate.  Oh, 
but YOU can't exchange YOUR VND for the rates they're trading it at.

By the way, I think that some of you might find this picture very interesting- a screen shot I took 
yesterday-  The rate for the Dong hasn't been updated since Feb 8th  and the date at the upper right corner 
says Feb 18, 2013.... which strikes me as rather odd considering that it's only the 15th today.  Some 
might ask what's going to happen on the 18th?

Most of the African countries are suppose to hugely revalue their currency, based on the mineral assets 
that that wealthy continent has to offer.  Of course, the biggest problem with that theory is that the 
minerals are being stolen by mega corporation shells that are actually owned by the Chinese and US and 
European cabal.  Ask Zambia what happened to them when China decided that they wanted their oil 
and gold.  Same thing in the Congo/DRC where slavery is thinly veiled as "commerce" and the Belgian 
puppets are stealing every scrap of minerals they can lay their greedy hands on, while the Congolese 
are being exterminated by disease, starvation, and roving corporate mercenaries... I mean, "rebel guerilla 

And what about China? The slavery of their own people rivals anything seen in Africa.

This week vast amounts of gold were transferred into the US Treasury.  This gold is the last of the hoard 
that has been hidden in China- a hoard that represents the grand theft that has been going on for at least 
the past 2000 years. This gold was stolen from all areas of the planet.  Yet, now they magnanimously are 
gifting it back to all the countries it was stolen from?  Think about that for a moment.

Here's something else to think about:   If all debts are to be forgiven, then why are 192 countries getting a 
share of the World Trust?  Is that money that each country received this week to be given to their 
citizens?  If it ISN'T given to the People, then where is that money going? WHO is accountable for that 
money?  Absolute Data is needed.

So let's say that the new system rolls out this weekend (as is being strongly hinted at from all sides of the 
pond).  What happens then?

-The banks will make a killing on the IQD & VND currency exchange (they do get a nice percentage 
above and beyond the rate given to you)

-The PPs will roll out to everyone who was lucky enough to be involved in the programs

-The St Germain Trust funds- Alpha, Omega, Freedom and Destiny- will get paid out, and if you're lucky 
to know one of the trustees, or one of the people getting the big packages, you might get some of that 
money granted to you.

-You will get sent a cheque for every penny you ever paid in illegal income taxes (I have been told that 
these have already been printed)

-All your debts will be forgiven.

- NESARA Law will roll out globally (although you might want to ask yourself what Right they have to 
push the American Constitution on other countries)

- The bad guy puppets of the Cabal that lost this battle will be arrested and tried for their crimes against 

- Announcements will come out that will explain all these things.... but it will be done in bits and pieces, 
and much of the really juicy parts will never be revealed to the public. In reality, the public might get about 
10% of the real story.

Now.  I happen to know that there are a whole lot of people who are invested in various currencies and 
part of the Prosperity Programs, and involved in the SGT that are VERY goal oriented and plan on 
spending the vast portion of their new wealth on amazing projects, such as free energy, cleaning the 
environment, building houses for the homeless, creating self sustaining communities etc...  But the vast 
majority of the people who get this new money are going to do one thing:


Hell that's even the goal of the Omega fund- to get as much money out into the economy as fast as 
possible!! (betcha thought it was for humanitarian purposes, didn't you?)


Which is a great economic boost until you suddenly realize that 90% of the junk people are going to buy is 
not built in North America or even Europe.

Fancy cel phones, new computers, designer running shoes,..... oh right, they all come from China and 
India etc.... you know, places that are producing these products in human slavery pens in the form of sweat 

Does that sound like equality and freedom for all to you?

And who owns these mega corporations that make all these products that everyone will run out to buy?  
Oh, the same 1% controllers that own them now.  So....... in 5 years time, after most of the people have 
spent all the money they got (and I'm being very generous with that number- many people think it will be 
closer to 5 months time!), where does all that money go?

Right back in to the pockets of the 1% that bankrupted the planet's economy to begin with.

So tell me if this resonates with you as some "higher level of righteousness and benevolence".

Do beings who are working for the betterment of humanity use blackmail, bribery and out-right threats 
and bully boy tactics?  And if they do.... what does that say about "Righteousness & Benevolence"?

Like I said in the "What If.." article:

What If......

There was a new financial system
...... that left the same banks in charge of your money?

What if

There was a new government
..... but it was made up of the same ol' politicians?

What if

There was new Laws
..... enforced by the same thugs/authorities we have now?

What if

You were told that  it's a whole new system
.....but the same CEOs were still making millions
.......but the same mega corporations we're still making vaccines, GMOs, fast food, toxic chemicals
..........but the oil wells were still pumping and the gas companies fracking, chemtrails still cris-crossing the 

What if

You had no say in the new financial system?
...or the new money?
......or the new government set up?
.........or the new laws?

What if

Those checks they sent you, paying you back all the illegal income taxes you've had stolen from you 
for your entire life is a payoff to keep you fat and indolent,  happily counting your shiny pennies for a few 

What if

Their new era of prosperity and freedom still included passports to travel in and out of your country, 
drivers licences and insurance to own a vehicle, government registration of who you are, and continued 
to force you to prove that you are not a criminal?

What if

Everything they told you was new and wonderful, was actually the same old thing with a fresh coat of 

This week Ben Fulford had some very important things to say, such as:

This is what an MI5 source had to say about it: “In my view, to set up a world bank/currency you need to control all the gold, not just the existing BIS registered gold but the additional Asian gold. The Chinese gold MUST become part of the Cabal one world bank. To this end Cabal agencies are working, as in Mali, for FULL control.

(ps: the BIS's gold isn't in their possession any more, neither is all the gold in Switzerland that they thought 
they had safely hidden away)( but I'm betting that they'll offer you a great deal on some tungsten they 
happen to have laying around!!)

But Ben is missing the greater point - the hierarchy that exists and is controlling all these things are 
beyond the cabal puppets on this planet that are currently fighting each other like a bunch of rabid  
mange ridden dogs locked in a cage with a gnarly old badger with a grudge.  All these 1 percenters that 
are loftily hold court above the rest of us 99 pecenters are just brokers and whores doing the dirty work of 
the real Wizards behind the Curtain.

So... We have a new System rolling out.  This is to be followed by announcements to the public that 
explain the new system and WHY it's been put into place.  But, will they really tell us the truth?

As I said above, now is the time for ABSOLUTE DATA.  That means, EVERY piece of 
information about EVERY thing.  We are human BEings and we must have ALL the pieces of puzzle in 
order to see the entire picture.

ABSOLUTE DATA.  [it is our planet after all! -AK] 

When the new system kicks in, when the announcements start rolling out, WATCH, 
LISTEN, and COMPREHEND.  What are we being told?  Does it resonate with you?  Do you think it's 
the truth?  More importantly, do you think it's the WHOLE truth without a single piece of data missing?  
Because if it's NOT.... then there is a problem, isn't there?

Then again, I don't think it will matter.  Because if they don't give us the truth, the whole truth and 
nothing but the truth..... someone else will ;>)  [and it will be so hysterical to watch their faces drop 
when it is! -AK]

.... I have to admit, a small part of me is looking forward to seeing the looks on their faces when their 
house of cards collapses.  They had their chance to make the Right Choice. [the final act of this  grand 
cosmic play will be really good!  Don't forget to set your TIVO to The Prime Source Network!  AK]

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