Friday, 15 February 2013

The voice of "The People"

Hi there,

I am re-sending this poem to you with the e-mail that I sent to D.
I thought I had better give you permission to use it (without my name attached)
This poem represents the voice of "The People" that the mainstream media consistently ignores.
Also I know we have all moved on from John Farnham here in Aus....but every time I hear his song
"You're the Voice" it sends shivers up my spine. It would be nice if it could somehow be used to
create an impact regarding OPPT ....just a thought!

Kindest regards,


Hi D,

I wrote this several years ago and sent it around to the various media
Since that time I have changed one word from Heard the scream to Heard
Humanity I feel it has more impact.
The poem is simple as simplicity has the benefit of touching the Heart.
I haven't added my name to this because this is Humanity's Voice calling
upon the mainstream media to BE TRUTH
If anybody wishes to use it, they are most welcome to.

Thank you.
All the best,

Media mainstream
Heard Humanity scream
Never responded
All absconded from
The Law of Life
To create more strife...
all stood aloof
Didn't represent the truth
Time to make amends
BE Humanity's friends
Step forward and start
To speak from your Heart
The TRUTH you know...
but never show

Thank you C