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Envisioning a CVAC ~ "FROM THIS MOMENT ON" cont'd

  • Envisioning a CVAC ~ "FROM THIS MOMENT ON" cont'd

    By ~ Angie Schuyler
    I have been seeking an understanding of what the OPPT trustees have named the CVAC (Creator's Value Asset Center).
    Some have described it as our new centers of governance. However, Heather describes them as our assistance centers.
    This has not been an easy subject for me to wrap my mind around but I think I am finally beginning to get it and I am going to attempt to portray it to you by using myself and my own aspirations as the springboard for this vision.
    In the interest of continuity I am going to continue to build on my initial vision, which I wrote about in my blog called "FROM THIS MOMENT ON".
    This is a FICTIONAL story! It's my own wish and own idea of what a world created on the OPPT foundation might look like.
    Setting the scene and catching you up... The story begins.....
    It has recently been announced, in a very detailed document, released by the One People's Public Trust, that
    ("BASIC NEEDS" = safe, healthy and clean food, air, water, clothing, energy, transportation, communication, housing, healing, education and spiritual sustenance)
    (That list was just a brief summary. See "FROM THIS MOMENT ON" for the details.) chiming from my phone.... "All ya need is LOVE..... dun,dun,dun,dun,dun...All ya need is LOVE, LOVE.... LOVE is all ya need.... LOVE is all ya
    VAL! HI! I was just thinking about you! I was wondering how you are doing with all these changes we've been going through.
    I know! It's crazy! Just 3 months have passed since the release of this document and although it was pretty intense at first, things are beginning to settle down, here.
    Are things okay in Indiana?
    Yup.... Good.... I imagine it's pretty much the same everywhere. We all seem to be on the same page now.
    Oh... you had riots too huh?
    There were a few small riots at the superstores at first... people rushing after and squabbling over the remaining electronics, but everything has pretty much been cleaned out now. Those stores are all deserted. The only stores that remain open now are the family owned shops and smaller neighborhood groceries because those people, for the most part, have always Loved what they do. The necessary products are coming for us in ample and regular shipments.
    People did overdo it at first and take more than they really needed, but now that they see the shipments coming regularly, they are gaining confidence and learning to trust that they really are cared for.
    I've also been working with a team of people who are coordinating shipments and services, into the most impoverished areas of the world. It is so impressive to me, how we've pretty much come to a collective consensus that the clean, safe, free energy devices need to go to those impoverished areas first. I am so proud of US! I hear there is also new technology that changes desert into lush growing land and those technologies are being developed as we speak!
    Right now, people are starting to really have fun with all of this. They are planning trips to see old friends and family, that lack of money has prohibited them from seeing. People are traveling and resting and relaxing.... just beginning to figure out how to enjoy their new freedom. Trust and understanding is growing.... and with it, co-operation and responsibility. The timing of this was wonderful too, wasn't it? We were heading into spring and now I see lots of people working together in gardens all over the city. There is such a joy in the air now.

    Yea.... I bet you are. I knew the Garden of Feedin' was having it's most successful year yet. Now that all your neighbors have quit their corporate jobs I bet they are all helping you and having a blast growing their own food! I can tell you're having fun!
    What's that....
    Yeah... trash has been an issue here too....
    The trash has been building up since the announcement. At least there have been volunteers, with pick-ups and trailers, who have been taking trash to the landfill, but not enough to keep up with all the mess. I was really excited to see a garbage truck this morning and a large brigade of people... men, women, kids.... all following along and helping to pick the trash up and put it in the truck. I heard, when I was at the CVAC (Creator's Value Asset Center) yesterday, that there is a garbage disintegrator on it's way to us. They say this thing creates more energy than it uses, I guess they are manufacturing these devices for distribution all around. Every community, and then eventually every household, will have them, and landfills will be obsolete.
    The first few days were so much fun, weren't they?!
    It was one big party here and a decadent spending spree for many of us.
    I admit, even I went a little overboard, but at least I tried to do it consciously. I spent all my value at local stores, private and family owned places. I bought some very cool custom made clothing and ordered some refurbished furniture!
    We really tested the limitlessness of our Liberty accounts. 
    Uh, hu.... uh, hu
    Yup, same here....
    The elimination of debt took a huge load off the people and they understood and accepted that quite easily but they've had a hard time wrapping their heads around the rest of it. They don't really get what it means to be free yet and some are feeling insecure. Now that they have no one telling them what they can and cannot do, they are kinda lost. They are still pretty fearful and suspicious and still need to learn how to think for themselves.
    The CVACs have been a huge help, though. Do you have a center close to you, Val?
    OH! Good for you! I did the same thing! I volunteered to incubate a center out of my business/home. I only hosted it here for a month. That's all the time we needed to have enough support to move it to a much larger location that was already set up with a whole bank of computer terminals. It was previously the local Michigan Works office which was the state run un-employment office.
    I went there yesterday, to start working through the process of expanding the healing center. You remember right?... The one I've always dreamed of.....?
    Yes we did dream this vision together! You really helped me to form my ideas way back then.... I'll never forget the influence you had on me. I hope you know how grateful I am to you.
    While I was at the center, I had to wait a while because they were quite busy but I really didn't mind because it was fascinating to sit there and watch people's lives change, right in front of my eyes.
    I got to witness the joy and gratitude expressed by a young couple who discovered that they needed no money, in order to get the best healing care in the world for their 7 year old daughter who was dying of cancer. Up until now they've been told it was terminal.... nothing could be done to save her. Today they know she has a chance at life and are on their way to a natural cancer clinic in Sedona.
    I also listened to an assistant, named Todd. He was helping a middle aged man. He asked him what he wanted to do with his life. The man said, "Well really, if I had my choice, I'd do nothing but learn and travel." It took Todd a few minutes to get him to believe that he is now free to do just that. Once he was convinced, they set out to make arrangements for him to attend art history classes, at a university in Italy. The guy was just beaming as he walked out past me.
    WHAT! Oh really! Are you?! That's awesome. Who's idea was it to go to school in Brazil?
    Great! You guys have fun! Maybe I'll pop over there for a visit soon! Did you say you've contracted to teach there for 2 years? What will you teach? Oh... Brian is teaching music and you'll teach organic gardening.... That's sounds lovely!
    Oh no! You go ahead.... I want to hear all about it. I'll get back to my story when you're done. I know you are as excited as I am!

    I am so happy for you guys!

    Okay where was I?

    Oh yeah...
    The greatest thing I witnessed yesterday, was the jubilance of a homeless family of 6. They had just been given a beautiful new home. Their assistant, Joy, had showed them into the data base of empty, foreclosed homes and it was loaded with lots of pictures of the properties. She explained that this system had been set up by the forces that were and that when they were foreclosed on, all of it became secured for use by the people. Joy loves that we are able to utilize all their systems and their data to help the people they harmed. In the end they really have done us some huge favors.
    I'm really thankful to all the people who were working on the inside, when the announcements of the UCC filings came out on Christmas day last year. If they hadn't gone right to work preserving and protecting the systems for the use of The One People. this transition might have been a lot more traumatic and clumsy. They really helped smooth the way!
    The father receiving the new home, said he was surprised that they hadn't destroyed it before we got our hands on it. Joy told him that they did try to do just that but there were so many of The Awakened One People working within their system that they had made back-ups for all of it. There was very little that they were able to permanently destroy.
    Anyway, the homeless family were having so much fun picking out the home they wanted. In the end, they chose a small farm. There was lots of chatter about chickens and sheep, cats and dogs.... Mom was excited about the huge fenced garden area, in the back yard and Dad liked it for the workshop area in the garage and the kids loved that they each got their own rooms and a huge yard to play in. The oldest boy said "Sure is gonna beat sleeping in the car!"
    At one point though, mom got real serious and worried....
    "This is lovely but how are we going to afford the furniture and appliances and upkeep? It's such a big house."
    Joy was very patient with her as she tried to help her understand that she has direct access to all the resources she needs to take care of that property.
    Isn't it great that we now have access to databases full of every resource we could ever need.... from animals to building materials.... from electricians to tree trimmers....
    Joy assured this mom that the CVAC is here to assist us in attaining whatever we need to make our dreams come true.
    I like how it connects all of us. If ever we have things we would like to get rid of, or services or products to barter with, we just enter that info into our databases and voila! everyone has a way to find everything they need.
    Joy was still having trouble helping the mom to understand "Yes but how am I going to take care of that huge house, four kids and work a job?" she asked.
    "Do you want to work a job outside the home?" Asked Joy "You don't have to and neither does your husband. You already have all that you would ever need, in 10 lifetimes. You are completely free to do whatever you want, whenever you want. All work you choose to do, from this day forward, is of your own free will. It is hoped that everyone will choose to devote some of their time and energy to maintaining the basic necessary functions of our society but there is no expectation of how, when, where or even that you do anything at all. Your basic needs are met as are everyone else's" No obligations, no re-payments needed!
    "REALLY!" She screamed "People have been telling me this but I thought they must have been misunderstanding. How can this be? How can all of us be so wealthy when there was so much debt and devastation in the world?"
    Joy, explained that there is so much abundance in this world that even when split equally between all 7 billion of us there is a value equal to far more than 10 billion dollars each. The only reason we never knew this before is that the forces that were had stolen it and hoarded it away from us and trapped all the people inside a craftily constructed slavery system, which the OPPT helped to free us from.
    I don't know how Joy handled it from there because Janelle came skipping out to get me. It was my turn in the Dream Maker. The Dream Maker (my own pet name for it) is a huge database of resources. It lists land, houses, products and services which are available to all the people.
    Janelle, has known me for a while so she knew what I was here for and had even been on the lookout for a suitable piece of property, for my healing center to grow up on. She excitedly started showing me pictures of a lovely rolling piece of land. It had a perfect mix of meadow, pasture and forest with a freshwater spring and a pretty good sized stream that ran right through the center of the property and emptied out on a small lake which was bordered by this property and two other land plots. The only building was a dilapidated old farm house and a couple piles of lumber that used to be barns. To me, that didn't really matter because I was kinda excited about designing and building all eco-friendly buildings. I want to use all the new hemp building materials and free energy technology that will soon be exploding onto the market. I also want to be hands-on with the building process.
    Kevin and I are heading out to look at the property this afternoon. I'm hoping there's some good growing land there. I'll be taking my soil testing kit and my hikers. I want us to be completely self-sustainable so there is a lot of criteria to match up. It's a 40 acre parcel so we're hauling Nate's quad out there so we can roam the whole plot and be sure it's the right fit for us.
    It's perfect that you called now, Val! I want you to design all the buildings on the property and the swimming pool to. I promised you that when my manifestation came into being, you'd be my architect. It's time! Let's get going on it!
    Okay... I'll tell you what. You let me know as soon as you are settled in Brazil and I'll be there!
    Once I make up my mind on the land, Janelle and I will start combing the databases for suppliers, builders and whatever else we will need to bring this dream to fruition. I'm also beginning to send out feelers for healing practitioners who'd like to set up shop at our facility. Every kind of holistic healer is welcome to apply for a position and will have the option of living on the property as well. I'm already working with a few who are thinking it over.
    I have opened my home, for the time being, to any and all who want to ask questions about the OPPT or who are in need of healing. There's a great group of healers who have gravitated to us and we are helping many people to become acclimated to the new ways. I, jokingly, call us an un-programing center but in all actuality that is, really, what we are doing. The biggest obstacle people are bumping up against is the programing and we are helping them to transcend it. Truth, even if difficult to accept, is very healing. The feelings that get stirred up, just need to be processed and released. We are attracting a lot of artists to the center who are helping the people to do just that. When people find out, all the layers of illusion, they've been living under, they become very angry. The artists are helping, by guiding everyone to creative outlets for their anger. The yoga, mediation and dance classes we hold are also positive outlets.
    I, and several other energy workers, are also volunteering at the hospital. We are working on patients and teaching our way of healing to doctors, nurses, patients, as well as all their friends and families..... anyone who wants to learn is welcome. The entire landscape of the medical profession has now shifted, from suppression of symptoms and profit for a few, to actual healing, completely free of cost or obligation.
    I love hanging out at the hospital now because I am getting to witness some of the new healing technologies. Even the ghosts that used to make me uncomfortable are happier now!
    I watched on an ultrasound monitor while a tumor was healed by a sound frequency machine! I watched, with my own two eyes, while it began to vibrate and then completely disappeared!!! The docs tell me this is just the beginning of all the healing tools we will soon have available to us!
    It isn't all, anywhere near smoothed out yet, but we are making steady progress and more and more people are stepping up daily, to offer their energy to making our new society work for the good of all.
    We live in such exciting times! I am so grateful to be here to experience this!
    Is that Lilly I hear calling you in the background? Okay.... you go get your baby up from her nap. I Love and miss you Vallie. I'll talk to you again soon.
    Next time I'll shut up and let you do all the talking!
    Give my Love to your family!