Wednesday, 6 March 2013

Indigo ft. Heather A.Tucci Jarraf & Roger "The Reconcilliation"(the journey of separation)

Indigo ft. Heather A.Tucci Jarraf & Roger "The Reconcilliation"(the journey of separation)


the reconcilliation
the journey of separation is over and now I understand the source of all
the soul contracts are fulfilled
the journey has had to do with finding back to source remembering that we are one by our experience
the source of one 2013 trancemix
the universal light spirit alive in ourselves
alive within everything expanding thruout the infinity
trust your eternal hearts and be the source of all
because you are
life's journey the awakening of the enlightened love of the conscious soul to seek
and recognize the embedded knowledge that lies in the depths of our being
we are one
now its time to raise our heart consciousness
and awaken to our beautiful mother earth
you will never find another
(you = source)
the separation is an illusion
I love the source of all because I remember the code of I am my being and doing
scan image of dna change
I have oppt-in to the source of all because I know by my eternal heart
how the vibration of the source sounds like
we are now awakening to the twin flame heart of the 7th golden age
now is the time to balance the inner divine feminine and inner divine masculine
awakening to our wholeness and knowing love is who we are

Published on 3 Mar 2013
Indigo ft. Heather A.Tucci Jarraf & Roger
"The Reconcilliation"

(The journey of separation is over and
now I understand the One Source Of ALL)
The source of all 2013 Trancemix

The Soulcontracts are fulfilled.
The journey has had to do with finding
back to SOURCE by remembering that
WE ARE ALL ONE by our experince.

THE SOURCE of all agreed to do so,
with promise that this game of illusion
would end the, when the cycle
was completed in
December 2012

You will never find another YOU,
because there is just one SOURCE
of all. The Separation is an illusion.

P 2013
Freebeat Music Prod, Norway

As so many still lives in fear of the agenda of NEW WORLD (THE OLD WORLD ORDER) believing that OPPT is about this agenda,... as this soul using this profilename Pinko Commie · Friends with Henrik Palmgren, I have this to say to his messages to me.

First you will get his message he sent to me:

"OPPT is the promotion of Agenda 21 and the ownership of Everything (human included) by a One World Government aka. UN aka. Banksters. You DO know this, right?

Roger says:
If you want to believe that and still want to be a slave to the old system,it is okey for me. Didn't you know Piko... that untill 24.10.2012 we acctually lived by the NEW OLD ORDER system.

We have lived in it for very long time. So many who was afraid of NWO ( now old world order ) did'nt understand that eighter. The only contract you bonded to, is you prime source of all there is. Wheter you do not realize this, that you are this source of all,..then it is up to you to awaken to this. That is why OPPT (=the people) used the word bondservant in the ucc filings. You can't disconnect yourself from this fact, the fact that YOU are the source coming from source. OPPT have now released you from the old system of slavery,. and secured your true freedom and protected you by law so that no one can trade, buy and profit of your creation you manifest. Sad to see that so many still lives
in fear.

If many religious souls do not has awaken to this fact that all is energy, and feel that OPPT has violated their point of view when it comes to GOD,.. that is up to theses souls to awaken themselves to remember. That is the Paradimeshift of consciousness. You as souls choose how you want to handle this fact and this Paradimeshift.

For all others that has attached themselves to the idea of ownership of SOURCE and still want to do business and slave others for money,.. I'm sorry if your old paradime of slaverysystem is broken, destroyed and taken away from you. But you are forgiven, because you are the contrast of all there is. The source of all. It is okey for me that you choose to have your opinion about this.

Then you also should know this. Your share of the CVAC fundings 10 Billions dollar (the new finance system) you will not get (even if you have your rights to it have it).

The reason for this is because you as you say,.. you will not give your oat to be a bondservant to highest good of all, and for everybody. This because you think OPPT are NWO. That is also your free will choise. I have no problems to give my oat to serve to best for all and live truely free without having any authority over me, or live for the corporate commerce of trading profiting on my and others energy of creation. For me it's not about teh mo0ney, because I know what is the real value,..and that is you and me creating and sharing

The reason for using documents and laws like in the old system, is because as we have been raised to understand laws and legal documents, CVAC is a tooled that will be used to overlap the old system with the new. Because as for the old system and all its struckture to understand that it has absolutly been changes, that is the cause for UCC filings and and oat / contract. For my part.. I haven't been needed any of this, because I from my heart and soul, knows the laws of the UNIVESE. IF you have any problems with living by the real laws of the universe/source, you have to deal with yourself regards to that. Because these are the real energy laws, that is the real laws of all creations.

2-27-13 Bill Ballard ~ OPPT ~ Freedom Is Here for ALL Who Desire Their Freedom

By the vibration of One People Public Trust, we are back to PRIME and TRUE FREEDOM, where all ownerships attached by the old corporate system and education based on competition mentality is cleaned away.

NOW we are truly free, and with this freedom you also are fully responsible for your action. Nobody owns you anymore.

Some words of wisdom from China:
"A wise man making his own desitions to follow.
An Ignorant man follow Public Opinion.