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Public prosecutor in German showing keen interest in filings

Public prosecutor in German showing keen interest in filings

From our friends in Germany- they are seriously busy over there!!!



Translation: Mike

I want to thank all parties involved in this blog. Many, many thanks!
I am already using the OPPT and UCC in cases of foreclosure, verdicts from alleged 
“judges” claiming to be judges of the Federal Republic of Germany. While I am quite 
familiar with the foresloure-laws of 1933 that are still being applied today.
Meanwhile these so-called “judges” are being commissioned by the CEOs of for 
example the corporate district court of Celle. And that is without having any proof of 
standing, right of domicile and without possessing any kind of moral retention from 
the people.
These transactions that are being done in German co-operative courts by so-called 
judges and so-called public prosecutors in the name of the people have to finally 
come to an end. Moreover the Federal Republic of Germany does not have any 
citizenry. (ref: BRD-StAG)
The FRG does not have its´ own territory. (ref: 185 BBG ff.)
The FRG is not a nation. (ref. 2BvF 1/73) (ref. Speech of Prof. Jd. Carlo Schmid 
(SPD) 1948)
The FRG does not have a constitution. (transferring art. 116 in association with art. 
146 GG)

It is pure Nazi-despotism, that is being conducted by FRG-judicial employees at 
FRG-courts. And this situation has to be brought to the attention of FRG-judicial 
employees (The public prosecutor was showing keen interest in the filings about the 
corporate identity of the Local District Court.)

After having proven today in front of the court of appeal (District-court Lueneburg) 
that the county of Winsen (Aller) who had sent me two bailiffs for execution on behalf 
of GEZ [agency in Germany for extortion of mandatory broadcasting-fees] was 
actually a company by the name of “County of Winsen(Aller)” I have contested the 
so-called verdict (in the name of the people – what people? - must be a “virtual” 
people because the FRG does not have its´ own people) of the main trial. The 
alleged judge of the main trial, Bachmann, of the alleged district-court in Celle has 
already received my notice of foreclosure.

UPIK® Set of Data – L [needless to translate by the humbly applied opinion of the 
busy translator]
L Eingetragener Firmenname Gemeinde Winsen (Aller)
Nicht eingetragene Bezeichnung oder
L D-U-N-S® Nummer 330350062
L Geschäftssitz Am Amtshof 5
L Postleitzahl 29308
L Postalische Stadt Winsen (Aller)
Land Germany
W Länder-Code 276
Postfach Stadt
L Telefon Nummer 05143988840
W Fax Nummer 05143988840
W Name Hauptverantwortlicher Berthold Walter
W Tätigkeit (SIC) 9111
Sic-Code: 9111 EXECUTIVE OFFICES = Geschäftsführung

Furthermore I have contested the verdict from the main trial of the alleged district-
court in Celle of the so-called judge Bachmann and sent it into appeal.

UPIK® Set of Data – L [German original – for authenticity! - greetings, the translator 
L Eingetragener Firmenname Amtsgericht Celle
Nicht eingetragene Bezeichnung oder
L D-U-N-S® Nummer 506861348
L Geschäftssitz Mühlenstr. 8
L Postleitzahl 29221
L Postalische Stadt Celle
Land Germany
W Länder-Code 276
Postfach Stadt
L Telefon Nummer 05141206332
W Fax Nummer 05141206757
Name Hauptverantwortlicher
W Tätigkeit (SIC) 9211
SIC-Code: 9211 Courts = Gerichtswesen
D-U-N-S is the abbreviation for Data Universal Numbering System, that was put into 
place in 1962 by Dun & Bradstreet (D&B). The nowadays internationally recognized 
numeral code serves the unambiguous identification of companies. Only 
entrepreneurial or commercially acting Persons can attain such a DUNS-code.
D&B D-U-N-S® Nummer
What is the D&B D-U-N-S number?
The D&B D-U-N-S number is a “non-speaking” 9-digit numeral code for the global 
and unambiguous identification of corporations. It was put into place 1962 by D&B 
and is today the key to data of more than 120 million corporations across the planet.

As soon as I hold the verdict of the appeal by the so-called state-court of Lueneburg 
in my hands that only partially nullifies the main trial verdict, Mrs. Philipp, the alleged 
judge will receive a notice of foreclosure of this kind:

UPIK® Set of Data – L

L Registered company name “Amtsgericht Celle” (as above)

Transaction no.: will be announced
Your letter of: will be announced

Ladies and Genlemen,
I refer to Your letter.
In this regard I commend you that I would gladly follow your demands … however 
there is a claim in the UCC-law that was unrebutted, to the extend that the Unit of 
which You claim to be a representative has been foreclosed upon.
You henceforth act on your own liability. Please cease this claim against me. Should 
you decide to continue to make this claim against me any further interaction between 
us will be under these conditions:
1.      For every further provable written correspondence that you initiate or send to 
me or have me otherwise receive I will charge you with € 10.000,- as contribution 
to my expenses.
2.      For every request from your side to make an appearance for a co-called court-
trial in the edifices of the so-called district-court in Lueneburg or any other so-
called courts (you threaten incarceration) I will charge you with € 50.000,- as 
contribution to my expenses.
3.      Should you further proceed to make this claim against me but refuse to pay 
the contribution towards my accumulated expenses, the amount will be sued for in 
front of an orderly German court.
4.      You oblige yourself to hand over to me the lawfully applicable sworn oath duly 
filled out and signed in wet ink signature.
5.      At the same time your case of proceeding to make this claim against me will 
be notified to the One People´s Public Trust 1776 and further steps that I refrain 
from disclosing at this time will follow.
6.      You recognize Gerhard Hennig as a free human BEing.
7.      Gerhard Hennig does not waiver his human rights by §1 BGB as a free human 
8.      You reveal yourself to be recognized by me and in whos name you conduct 
your business.

Sworn oath for the judge including enclosures:

Warm Greetings,