Sunday, 3 March 2013

Ron Van Dyke – RuSA – & OPPT… Secrecy & Openness

Ron Van Dyke – RuSA – & OPPT… Secrecy & Openness – 3 March 2013
Uploaded on 3 March 2013 by Ron Van Dyke In terms of rest, yesterday was a Sabbath day for me. In between my nap after making my video and another in the late afternoon/early evening, I attended the state meeting of RuSA in which the secret RuSA documents were shown and read for the first time here in Florida. We were not allowed to take pictures or record any of it. They were released to the governor with that stipulation. Upon completion, I suggested that RuSA had committed treason against the people by withholding what they had done from the public; and I was asked to talk briefly about the OPPT. There were lots of similarities between the two actions; and several in the room were interested and in agreement with what I had to say. RuSA, from the beginning, operated in fear and separation consciousness, creating by secrecy a shadow government that was destined to fail, as is everything created from a place of fear. OPPT, in contrasting fearlessness and unity consciousness, openly revealed everything to the world upon completion of their process. At the end of the day I listened to a video by Peter van Runt from Australia, which I shared on Facebook. Here’s the link to that one…