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A new perspective on the economy: Sakli vs One People's Public Trust

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My only question about Sakli, is why hasn't he fixed the planet? And when approached to work WITH OPPT he has declined and stopped further discussion on the topic? Hmmmmmm?

A new perspective on the economy: Sakli vs One People's Public Trust

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Nothing is as it seems to be wherever you turn your eyes. What we today call the "economy" is actually a bad run casino. Welcome to the rabbit hole where truth beyond imagination.

Ingunn Røise Land, with the help of Kjell Erik Midtgård

This is a story that is beyond all that is possible to imagine, and which, if true, has the power to free us from corruption, poverty, degradation and deprivation of liberty. It is based on the history of Adnan Sakli and is intended to form a backdrop for assessing the many other ideas that we've seen in the past, particularly I think of One People's Public Trust: / 2013/01/when-oppt-shoe-dropped-evidence-that.html
Even in our country, which many think of as one of the best in the world, we live with the economic parameters which most people know the consequences: 85% is real tax burden and minimal return in the form of public goods. In what follows, I aim to show how it was that we actually use our lives to work for the state, which is private of banking agents.
This article will mainly be about how financial institutions, transactions and ownership is completely different organized than that in any case I have so far believed, and how factors surrounding "Trusts" and "Positions of Prime" can record in a radical manner.

Until a short time ago, I thought I had an overview of most financial institutions / corporate relationship, I thought the Federal Reserve was largely orders rewarding and I thought that much was about fractional reserve banking, fiat money system and private ownership. It also, however, new insights have enabled large cracks in this paradigm, and have shown that the degree of secrecy and deception is much more extensive, generalized and systematized than I have time for my part, no. I just spoke with a girl who had been master of "Trust Law", and she said the same. She said: "No one would have believed me if I said that all significant transactions taking place in Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, the Cayman Islands and Switzerland, and money laundering transactions as the primary objective."

So, what happened that changed everything?

In 1987, namely the World Bank bankruptcy, and all the global central systems encountered a crack. A person in the world had enough real capital to acquire ownership of the Bank of International Settlements, under what is called Statutory Act. BIS is the bank that lends to central banks.
Under the name "The international reserve solvency Regulations" went all government bonds, commercial loans, ownership of all the central banks to the same account in the BIS. The man who became owner of the BIS, and also by all other accounts, called Adnan Sakli and he explains himself this way:
"So by their arrogance and with the position of the replacement laws, I Became the owner of everything by the fact that I was a free person with no obligations, and maximum Liquidity. Then it just snow balled over and over, and the law and my lack of criminality and their greed made ​​me even stronger to a point where they could not do anything against me. "
He also says, in other words, that when Rothschild m / Multi withdrew liquidity / money supply out of the market and the business collapsed, spread this way up the food chain, so that banks also went bowled-over. In these banks send stress signals that they had not strength to cope with this, ran for creditor bill, and they then creditor property.
Bankruptcy fire engulfed the central banks and the big financial companies on Wall Street and London City, up to the BIS (Bank of International Settlement). In this inferno, there was only one bank that had strength enough to take over the BIS, and it was Sakli bank.
This means that Adnan Sakli owns Norwegian government debt,-Norwegian Mtns and sovereign bonds and can cancel it if certain requirements can be met. He also owns the Rothschilds accounts Vatican accounts etc. He also says that "That is how I Became the underwriter of the world, Master Trader, The Sovereign, the Prime, etc - plus the Vatican does not have anything legal Because I am the Prime and the Vatican has to get its authority from the prime and to date it has not. " Adnan Sakli & The Global Debt Holder, Naipaul Seegolam
If this is true it is also the implication that the Norwegian government and all Norwegian banks operate illegitimately. His Federal Reserve ID No. is 8217 if anyone wants to check it out.

Cleanup in mind first of all?
The first step towards understanding these implications must be a willingness to ask basic questions, and to established patterns of thought in detail. It is important to understand that the media's primary mission is dissemination of information, but rather to support and maintain the common notion of how things fit together.
So you can not assume that the contents of this article coincides with what you can read about in regular media, but you can still seek out all references and claims online. You are responsible for evaluating the information.
I would like to mention one example of how the media's main job is to keep the illusion and old programming in place: one of the main priority areas for research and economic right now is carbon capture and storage: mai/249501
If you go in depth on this subject so you will hopefully be able to see pretty quickly that the idea of human-induced warming is mytemakeri and not reality, this is about "global governance" far more than "global climate".
If you read about the "anthropogenic global warming fraud" or "climategate", you will quickly see that quite elementary bits of understanding omitted by the media. Anyway continue the discourse in the media and among politicians about nothing, we "hang" in an outdated paradigm and pretends that lie is the truth as long as it goes, and as long as it still can be appropriated billions upon billions of junk, air, nothing. This will of course mean that the emperor like Stoltenberg, has long been very naked, and that it would save the state budget for huge expenses if we could see it.
In the following I will try to sum ​​up how the economic landscape now looks from my standpoint. However, I am open to any suggestions and always ready to correct what may be wrong.

Some basic legal question we must ask ourselves:
Body of law and the legal system works within a society, constitute a sort of "wrap" that holds society together within certain limits, and not so many questions the authority of law obtains.
For example, many of us have taken for granted that the Constitution is the law first position, and that it is not possible to invoke a higher law than the Constitution. We should, - basic questions of legitimacy and jurisdiction are key to understanding how the world works and how you can be free-if that's what you want.
Some questions we can ask ourselves is what is legal first position, there is some type of jurisdiction or trade that overrides other subordinate legislation? Is it true that the world is governed as a "Trust"-who then are the "Trustee" and who is the "Entrust"?
If it should turn out to be correct that all governments are corporations really, I think, who is the we in this photo? Does it have any other owners corporation Norway than we are accustomed to believe? If, purely hypothetically, would prove that the Vatican owns the corporation Norway, would not it be great if it turns out that someone else with better intentions owner Vatican, which Sakli claims he does?
Vatican claim themselves to be "entrusted" by God - not only spiritual and symbolic, but real and political, and the Vatican's financial dealings and many papal bulls reflects this ambition: html
These are topics that everyone should dig a little on their own. The rule of thumb is that most of the basic important information is hidden and intentionally made ​​unavailable. Two simple examples of many: What is the legal status? Who owns the IMF?

So some economic issues:
What actually happens to the global economy? Where is all the money? If we've used them up so someone must have earned them. What is the reason of government debt can be offset against other countries' debt and thus offset?
Why is there a large-scale plunder of resources such as water, electricity and other commodities, and why Tynes people for their last penny in the form of bailouts of banks, inflated market that make their homes also returned to the banks, the tax increase at levels that no one should have to put up with while transmissions to warfare and "humanitarian purposes" are not subject to critical evaluation.
What is the real relationship between law and economics? Is there anything BI and NHH have forgotten to tell?

The starting point for understanding the western economy today:
After the stock market crash of 1929 gradually became the Western states bankrupt and was forced to start borrowing from international sentralbankiere to finance the tasks the government had taken on. The population was pledged as security for loans, and our future tax-bearing capacity, the basis for valuation.
If you google "Norwegian yield" or "sovereign bonds" ( ) you will quickly be able to determine that it is the people's production capacity as the product, so when Norway purchase the Greek and Spanish government bonds these days, so the buyer simply slaves on sale for our money.
The creation of Social Security numbers and institutions that Statistics Norway was necessary tools and it was also necessary to organize all nations corporations, so that it no longer is Western nations, only corporations. All international transactions are subject to the Uniform Commercial Code or it is also why we are confident that the state has created a straw man identity for us, even if all state agencies will deny it. UCC is the only legislation that requests that the name in uppercase as on your license: ~ walterk1/Patr/UCC/AllCapName.html
Here is an example of obscurantism on this subject, often an indicator that something is at stake:
Here is a video that explains this in simple cases: / watch? V = jm9my4ujKrc
Here, as always, it is important that you do your own research.
If you google AS Norway, it is not coming up sensible answer, so this is the information be kept hidden. If you are calling to a ministry in hopes of getting answers, I think this is a bit futile, to say the least. The answer I got from the Law Department of the Ministry of Justice was that "a state is a state, it can not be registered as a corporate body" (must I understand). My experience is that it is not no use to call a political scientist at the University of Oslo,-but here is a database that lists some of the nations that are registered as corporations: ? action = getcompany & SIC = 8888 & owner = exclude & count = 40 It is clear that this move purely legal setting "nations" from scratch, as the nation / corporation only relate to you through your social security number, ie the legal straw man created for you, and not to you as a living person, natural person. In Norway, there may be reason to look at the tasks & mandate to a company such as:
In order for the system to work as it does is solely that you agree to lend your straw man identity corporate body (nation) where proforma considered "employed." This straw man system that makes it possible to issue government bonds are the reason we have gone away from the credit economy must have the backing of real values.
When the World Bank, and thus world community again went bankrupt in 1987, there was a value assignment that has so far This caused pain, but has the ability to free us from the economic yoke and the threat of bankruptcy that threatens the world.
Sakli were seated as the formal owner of all of what we call "The global collateral" and has so far held out against oligarchy attempt to collect all values ​​in a few hands by preventing the redemption of bonds.
Ironically enough, it was BIS primary objective lack of access to funds for oligarchy is the cause of despair in the system that has made ​​the people must Tynes to the last drop. Sakli says that at one point was so tired of the endless corruption and ruthlessness in the upper circles of the system that he started to block transactions.
I first heard about Sakli because I read an article about a businessman who had been kidnapped and taken to the notary in Rimini to forcibly sign a payment of several hundred billion: /? id = 3.1.453857197

Who gets loan interest rates that are paid each year from taxes?
Up until 1972 operated the key lending institutions continued with some backing in gold, but after petrodollar came into the picture, the whole system is built around the "air", FIAT monetary system, where the values ​​are not secured in any reality beyond my & your value .
Sakli says among other things that: "Fiat money was created in WW1 two steal the Ottoman assets. The German gold backed bonds were the first fiat money and the Germans never had any gold two support the bonds they issued to fight WW1 against the Ottomans. "
"And the Safra family were the ones who were in charge of the Ottoman Central Bank that was in Lebanon, That was the reason why Isreal Invaded Lebanon in 1974 two steal the gold that was there."
We are the real resources.
A key premise is to understand that the entire economic system is based on taking out a loan, which you warrant for, and that the state has taken out loans that you also guarantees via your taxpayer ability. That is why some of the strictest penalty in our society is tax evasion or incorrect information in tax returns. We see that this is flammable and highly topical theme-here we see the government's latest initiative to push us into a biometric database with desired legal implications:
Government bonds constitute the cornerstone of the international economy, and it is interesting to ask about who benefits and why. Interest rates on government borrowing is enormous annual sums paid from tax-for Germany, interest on government debt 69 billion euros in 2008. Here are some figures from the U.S. Treasury:  

We know that virtually all lending banks are privately owned, and therefore we really are witnessing is the greatest value transfer from taxpayers to an oligarchy that is already sitting on most of the earth's resources. Government debt is often pointed to as the cause of the economic collapse that has already happened, and most likely to

Typically directed finger against overuse, private households and irresponsibility, but most are just the opposite case. In Spain and Ireland debt had been completely return to the governments "had" bails out banks. In Ireland, public debt rose from 11 to 23% between 2007 - 2012 and in Spain from 42 - 80% of GDP.
It is almost impossible to understand why countries with so much equity such as Norway does not pay back its government debt. Here's what Norges Bank says: http://www.norges- / en / price stability / sovereign / why-have-the-Norwegian-government-debt /
Norway paid 22, 6 billion in interest on the national debt in 2011. Most likely to say this some how governments have allowed themselves bind and commit to private bankers, either in terms of going with the legislation that makes it impossible for a state to "borrow" from themselves, or in the form of direct pressure and threats. It therefore seems obvious that interest rates on government loans constitute a source of income that some do not want to miss (above oligarchy) and the grave is that the government is in on it. A relevant question is "why"?

If it turns out that Sakli Act is the first position, then it means that Norges Bank, the Norwegian government, all the world's banks and institutions acting illegally, but it also means that it is easier to see the reason behind the seemingly desperate economic policies.

Sakli says that the desperation of the system and lack of access to funds, has meant that governments and corporations have had to collect funds from their innovations; bailouts, "bubbles" (housing bubble etc), higher taxes, increased funding for "humanitarian action" etc.

That's one reason why Sakli has filed a lawsuit against many countries' governments cooperate in Liborskandalen (governments / banks conspire against the common people through interest rate manipulation to "crack" a market, and then either buy on the cheap afterwards, or confiscate): http :/ / 2012cv00567/270275 /

Sakli explains that the main problem is that there has been established an underutilization where governments and banking institutions together conspire to override his authority as "Prime", and herein lies the potential for us if this is true.

So it tells Sakli be true? Are there any indications or evidence to support what he says?
The premise that it should be hold in Saklis history, is that there must be a basis for law, all contractors derive their authority from a so-called "First position of the Law"-within the framework of the "man-made" laws.
Sakli says that his role is to be "the first position of the law," and as such he is "global underwriter." This was not the terms I knew before I became familiar with Sakli but much suggests that the UN actually has nominated its own "underwriter," Ray C Dam via a body called The Office of International Treasure Control, OITC, which claims to be "Chartered under the UN charter control." It is important to be aware that Sakli operate within a universe of man-made law, which actually emanates from the Vatican. Interestingly enough, it was made ​​possible constitutional amendment in § 2, 21 May 2012, where our jusunivers was changed from being a Lutheran-Evangelical to Christian-humanist.

This means that if it is true that the United Nations recognize the need for a global signature, so this is about credibility Saklis set against the UN.

Wikipedia states that "the OITC is a seemingly elaborate fraudulent organization Which claims to be Associated with the United Nations and the Federal Reserve , the central bank of the United States . "but it turns out that the UN probably has played host to OITC on its website, even if it is deleted now: v = JO93tyy1Bz0
This is more than interesting in light of Sakli says that the underlying structure of the Federal Reserve, The Committee of 300, the Vatican, royal families etc, which we know are operating under the same agenda, has long sought to take control of what is called 'the global collateral "in order to circumvent Saklis signature. Many ask today rely on The One People's Public Trust, which claims to have closed - "foreclosed" - all finansinstitujsoner, all of the old structure within the framework of the Uniform Commercial Code (UCC). Although I do not know, but I follow intently.
The fact that the UN is most likely to have created its own global signature holder must be seen in this light, and understood as a strategy to get in position to manage "the global collateral."
If you are not familiar with the background of the UN's creation, I recommend you to bring in some background info on this:
We also know that many of the UN's leaders, Ban-Ki-Moon, Kofi Annan etc have been involved in heavy corruption cases.
In the past, the one revelation followed another, with players such as Benjamin Fulford, David Wilcock, The White Dragon Society, Neil Keenan etc, and they have been used document like this: / 2012/01/my-recent-find.html
The common denominator is that they support any UN agenda and Ray C Dams candidacy global "underwriter." So then we Sakli on one side and Ray C Dam, UN, Keenan, Fulford etc on the other. One People's Public Trust supported by the same operators.

Adnan Sakli appear as "good guy", "white hat" and has made ​​many attempts at dialogue with many countries' governments to cancel government debt against that power returned to the people, and agreements are broken with institutions such as the IMF, the UN, etc., as most people think as representatives of the international community and world peace, but actually represents a cynicism far beyond what most people can imagine.
For more information on what our agreements with organizations such as the IMF, WHO etc actually means for the transfer of sovereignty and money, please visit this page: claiming that eg IMF is owned by the U.S. Treasury, which in turn is owned by the Vatican.
It is more than interesting to ask whether there is any link between the Vatican and Norwegian power structures, and whether our government is required to "buy" up to 40% of the IMF, or if the acquisition is not really another one probably a transfer to an elite that feeds on our ignorance and indifference.
If it turns out that Sakli owns the Vatican, there is clearly much looks different. There is a lot of information out there on the net that refutes which I refer to here as the premise is always that you have to trust yourself and do your own research. You definitely can not rely on newspapers, it should be fairly clear later.

Sakli said that the world is governed in this way:
"The Governments are under the control of the Royal structures like the Rome commission. The Royals control the mafia as their operational street people. Most of the organized crime is through the EU commission, the House of Lords, League of Nations, and through the Unilateral agreement of the Global joint agreement with the triad, yakuza, various groups of flags mafia, The Black Mafia, the Jewish mafia, the Italian Mafia, the Albanian Mafia, the Russian Mafia,-all one way or another connected to the Royal family and their intelligence networks.

The masons are a leadership of both the governmental and the street level operation. It all links to the drug trade and the arms deals. "

If this sounds unlikely, I would recommend Herman Berges articles on on the backdrop of the financial institutions with membership in Luxembourg, Cayman Islands, Switzerland etc and who launder money from arms and drug sales that sole purpose. Herman Berge sits on a unique and pioneering expertise, and has repeatedly been tried gagged brutally.

It therefore we are witnessing today is the systematic crime implemented by international financial institutions, politicians and royal families. Which actors who actually participates in this is a little unclear, but attendance at Bilderberg meetings is not a good indicator.
This has Sakli now say about Leo Wanta fund "The 1.5 trillion is a short term fix that will be eaten up as soon as it is stolen. The agreements they are speaking of have long been settled and the IRS is Involved in the theft with Bush and others in the governmental structures. Especially Peter Bross, forms the head of the IRS.

The Wanta situation was made ​​up By Papa Bush and the CIA two steal what they can from the drugs they sold. This is another way to steal their way out of trouble in the short term.CIA fairy tales. "

So what will Sakli and why it has something to say to us:
You can choose to believe the information about Sakli or not, but if it is true it offers an explanation for the otherwise inexplicable phenomena, such as why the economic desperation is so great and why people Tynes for everything they own and have.
We have submitted all of the information that confirms Saklis identity, but to verify it so we must have direct access to the Federal Reserve monitors. What we now have is printing from the Federal Reserve show that Sakli is the owner of all Norwegian banks, among others, as well as Norwegian statrsgjeld.
In the process of verifying the documents, we could conclude that the banking system is militarily organized, where one can only obtain information on a need-to-know basis. Getting into the screens to the Federal Reserve, has proved as difficult as burst into Fort Knox, no Norwegian banks can it? Here we welcome any suggestions. Saklis Federal Reserve ID is mentioned # 8217.
Sakli offer debt freedom if our government can come out in open dialogue about these things, all countries' external debt was payable 01.01.2013 and the western world is therefore de facto bankruptcy, but remain liquid as long as people - you & me-still has some to put on the table as the government can collect. However, it is of course important to be aware that the money gets to the notarieforretning, and by entering into debt - and really just air / paper / numbers on a screen. Debt Recording is the premise of the show ironically called the "growth".
Many of us have believed that Norway is in a unique position, and allow themselves to recover even if the rest of Europe is in flames, but there is not much more than an illusion that cracks on the day the fund goes down the drain, along with the rest of the European economy.
Our task is to develop a realistic view of who we are ourselves, legal, and what our actual status is "welfare state" and try to understand how it can be that much money disappear out of the country, and to the many the organizations (in practice private players if you follow the thread a piece backwards) which in practice has taken over our country, EU, ​​IMF, WHO, NATO, etc. If this is OK for us and we are happy that it is, then this nothing to think about. In the opposite case as it may it is time to ask basic questions, simply.
And then please by all means remember to take everything in this article with a big grain of salt, and remember that it is written by one of those connectors PST definition represents a threat to national security (at least in 2011, I do not know how it was last year).
For the record, I would like to take this opportunity to state that I support any peace initiative, any return of the sovereignty and dignity of all people of the world, by peaceful means, and I'm against all violence and all acts of war. That's why I've said from me my citizenship, among other things.
So according to all conventional logical sense as it is well for that matter, the Norwegian government pst should focus their attention, if peace on earth had been a primary concern.