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HopeGirl: Fix The World Documentary

HopeGirl: Fix The World Documentary

Fix The World (FTW) needs to raise funds for the production of its introductory documentary for the launch of our upcoming "Truth TV" channel. This documentary will focus on the suffering of the people whose ideas and compassionate acts have been suppressed, and the devastation of millions of individuals, families and communities, interwoven with solutions FTW has gathered from across the globe. We will show a model of change, how FTW began, and its evolution into a viable organization that has far-reaching ability to positively impact business practices, communities and individual lives. This is our contribution to the Golden Age on Earth.

Truth TV Development

Truth TV will be managed by FTW professionals with a spiritual background who are open to the changes occurring in the world, and who share an interest in spreading the truth of what’s happening in the new era on Earth now! We will show all facets of the ‘New Paradigm,’ including free energy and new technology projects, health and healing (alternatives to the medical model), and alternatives to the present public education system. We want to encourage our audience to wake up and become a part of the new world we are all creating – as one race of human beings in service to all of humanity. We encourage feelings and innovative expression, which we believe will enhance our individual and collective creativity, and help spread the good news of our global project (please see our website for much more info on how FTW is building a bridge from the old way of doing business to the "New Paradigm Business Model" (video) - a practical business plan - and to join our community!)
Truth TV will broadcast films which depict planet-changing ideas by artists and innovators, and those brilliant minded people with passionate and compassionate hearts for the good of all - especially those who have been suppressed by the old paradigm. We encourage and support individuals and institutions in the areas of truth.
Starting with HopeGirl: Fix The World Documentary, Truth TV will produce additional films about people that are making a difference. But we must start with the first one, hence, this campaign (please see budget sheet below).
Truth TV will have a timeslot for a guest show so that any individual or organization which has a message, idea or passion regarding the betterment of humanity can be heard.
Truth TV will also have an area for children, consisting of cartoons and films that are fun, while they learn some good stuff too!
Truth TV and FTW has transparency as a goal during the process of building a bridge from the old paradigm to the new one.


FTW Objective and Mission: FTW is a services business that acts as a central hub to provide tools and support for individuals, groups, and organizations, to express, develop, fund, implement, and realize positive outcomes for their planet-changing ideas through projects, learning, and a network of resources.
FTW acts as a clearinghouse for ideas, organizations, and finances, and serves as a catalyst in these areas. We are in a position to introduce various clients to each other based on intrinsic characteristics, resources and needs. Our mission is to redefine a way of doing global and local business through a consistently evolving structure we call the "New Paradigm Business Model" (PDF).
On September 10th 2012, we launched our first call for global participation/submissions for how to fix the world (see the call on HopeGirl blog). We posed specific questions to harvest solutions for the very real problems in our world, and approximately 300 people from 37 countries responded, contributing their knowledge, ideas, opinions and heartfelt aspirations. (Please see WHILE YOU WERE ASLEEP  for more information.)
From this great work we have accumulated the following valuable resources: 
A wide range of solutions that can be implemented on both local and global levels. 
A way to gauge the wisdom of the crowd to help bridge the disconnect between the people and their leaders 
A platform for people to engage in critical and creative thinking to come up with solutions to our problems 
A way to identify the resources/projects/individuals that have the talents, knowledge and skills, and are ready and available to execute these much needed changes 
A way to prioritize the immediate actions necessary to stop the destruction of our world and society
And much more! Here is the Fix The World Summary of Solutions (PDF) from people all around the world! 

Examples of some of the 'truth' problems include:

- Lies told about the economy, history, religion, extraterrestrials, health, food, GMOs, greed and corruption in governments.
- Free energy technology has been kept away from the people.
- Suppressed knowledge of intergalactic information.
- Suppressed knowledge of alternative systems of transportation
Food and Drug Administration, American Medical Association, Monsanto and related organizations
 And of course, many more.
We want the true earth history released, including everything about the machinations of the elite. We want to know the truth of our origins, know who we are, and end all deceits. We want mainstream media to become free to speak the truth. We want every dark agenda and its purpose revealed to the public. We want the truth told about the achievement of arrests, new economic systems, new governance, new technologies. We want FULL transparency ~ THIS IS KEY! We want transformation of community trust through truth and honesty. We want to create a world based upon integrity for generations to come; history should be rewritten to reflect the truth.

Our Introduction Documentary will Focus On: 

- Individual stories of suffering, suppression and devastation woven between systems solutions that were presented to FTW from people around the world. We will also investigate immediate and simple solutions to get people what they need to not only survive, but thrive. 
- How to maneuver our website community if you have a planet-changing idea (e.g., free energy device, alternative health/healing model, transportation options, etc.), which includes FTW profiles, social and business connections, training courses and a variety of innovative projects. 
- How to become a "Money Angel" if you are an investor and want your money to go to a meaningful and non-corrupt global cause. How to become a "Project Manager" and market your planet-changing idea. 
- Our daily activities (public/global relations, connections with other sympathetic organizations, disclosure activities, etc.)

Some examples of the people and projects that have come to FTW:

16 year old musician/composer: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hAf0buGpBfk
Global Genius Trust: http://ggtrust.com/
Materializando el Nuevo Mundo: http://yasmich.jimdo.com/
Leveraging Technologies: http://www.leveragingt.com/
Your Essence Foundation: http://youressencefoundation.org/
Clinica de la Luz: http://light-life-energy.com/
The Sandman Project: http://thesandmanproject.org/
Freedom Club USA: http://freedomclubusa.com/home
Free Energy Road Show http://spiritualphilanthropy.org/
Kosmic Fusion: http://kosmicfusion.com/
Scott Bartlett/Australian Government: http://www.truth-now.net/ 
Golden Age of Gaia: (formerly 2012 scenario) http://goldenageofgaia.com/



One of our core values, Fix The World believes wholeheartedly and truthfully in altruism and service to others! Our guidance for all endeavors is based on devotion for our unselfish giving and service to the Earth and all of humanity.

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