Monday, 18 February 2013

OPPT Interview with Freedom Central and Heather

OPPT Interview with Freedom Central and Heather

An interview with Mel from Freedom Central and Heather from the OPPT.
Heather gives the background to EVERYTHING.  Right back to Prime.  This is a must listen to conversation.!

[UPDATE 1744 HST: notes from Ginger added]

Thanks to Ginger for the alert to this. Only one point… guaranteed Heather might not be attuned to the use of her picture here. Understand, this is beyond Heather, any of the trustees, and any one of us. Far beyond that.

From Ginger
- Heather’s Creation version of 3D separation and contrast game we agreed to play in order to understand the Absolute more intimately, Energetic Accounting, Eternal Heart focus
- Heather’s story
- OPPT is just one of the many facets coming together and will be visible at once as a whole picture
- About OPPT
- More clarification in the details
- Absolute Data and how it must be whole
- around 47 mins – End game, a few moves done now, lots of chaos behind the curtain – they will offer final bone hoping we will take it . . . “now it’s common law”, etc. If see precious metals on street – but what’s backing this? can’t touch it. It’s going to get really fun. Magnetic strips verses your own unique signature. How much is your life worth?
(est. 5 billion in equity & 5 billion in damages = $10 billion is fraction of what was actually stolen per human)
- around 56 mins re Cobra
- be absolutely transparent is where absolute protection and safety is
- the phoenix rising symbol is required when we get too close to truth
- about Foster Gamble and Thrive in mix of things unfolding
- everything you see from slavery system has been turned off (so cabal are scrambling around trying to steal energy from each other instead)
- being and doing is most important right now . . .
- as in, is this who I be?
- as in, is this who you be? (if someone attempts to tell you what to do)
And her comments…

Personally, I am still a bit confused by her “end game” description here. It sounds like the cabal will be attempting to play their last card and humanity will have to choose . . . all WHILE the Absolute Data is presented . . . so humanity can figure what to choose. But then she goes onto say that they (cabal) no longer have any more cards or energy to play with. sigh. And maybe need to go back and look at RTS post about this here for reminder clues –
. . . And when it comes to understanding the CVACs and how things will unfold into a new system free of money, my linear brain begins to spin out as it cannot understand, and get that I am not alone with this. But anyone here can help shed some light on this, please share, as it’s getting all to multi dimensional for me!