Saturday, 9 March 2013

Inelia Benz: Raising the Vibrational Level of the Planet

Inelia Benz: Raising the Vibrational Level of the Planet  

I received this by email today....

A gift for you!! Can you feel the excitement and energy?

This interview is really important.

Listen to the very end of this interview, a KEY message for this time of the shift is announced in the last few minutes. If you don't have time to listen to it all right now, then scroll to minute 23:17 listen to the shared massage, then rewind and listen to the rest of the interview when you have the time.  This bit of information, plus the energy which was channeled during it's delivery, is TRANSFORMATIVE. It can change our entire lives from one day to the next.

When you have more time, or after you listen to the  message, rewind the video and listen to the rest of the interview, which is packed with information, plus Lilou's special energy and gifted presence, a core element in the pure transference of energy into the visual and audio media. 

Thank you Lilou Mace for making this happen!

Here is the link to the interview, it's in YouTube:

Inelia Benz

Knowing energy statement: saying...
"That attack or that energy or that artificial fear that is being broadcast is not allowed in my field.
I have the knowing that I have the right to be in a state of extreme inner joy, light-love and create my own life and reality and my projects from that and with that without...(interference).