Saturday, 9 March 2013

Throw that Negativity all the way back to Junk yard from whence is came!

Throw that Negativity all the way back to Junk yard from whence is came!

hahahahahahah- I tried to capture this conversation twice  and each time I’d get distracted (cough cough cough kids cough cough cough) and would get side tracked by something else (yes, I have a very short attention span, lol), so I’m so happy that Brian and AK were able to pull this together and do all the work so now I can just copy & paste from them!!!!!

The energy this week has been a wild ride for everyone I’ve talked to- even those who are not aware of what’s going on energetically.  As we talked about on the Collective Imagination radio show on Tuesday night, the highs and lows have been of gigantic roller coaster proportions.

But beyond the emotional extremes of up and down, there has been an underlying current that is being echoed by so many people:
“I’m soooooo done with this shit!”

Many people are feeling this.  Done with the 3D crap.  Done with dealing with the negative drivel. Done with the mundane ludicrousness of an existence that our heart knows is over and done with.

Done like Dinner.

Personally, I can just barely force my self to do laundry and wash dishes, and the thought of washing my floors is exasperating to the Nth degree.  I’m done done done!

Through this energy shift, the negativity is rising to the surface, to be skimmed off and dumped in the garbage.  Don’t hoard that negativity!  Time to clean it out!!

Much of that negativity is appearing all over the place right now, in communications, in emails, messages, articles, videos……. BUT…. the eternal hearts can discern what resonates within them and what is just….. garbage.  More than ever before, our hearts are immediately picking apart the messages and seeing them for what they are- part of the negativity dump.

Don’t hold onto the negativity.  Get rid of it!!  Toss it out with a message: “Thank you for this negative energy, but I DO NOT accept it so please return it to where ever it came from!”…… maybe you’ll even do the sender a favour, by allowing them to send it back to whomever gave it to them…. back on down the line till it lands right back at it’s point of origin- the garbage dump!

Thanx my brothers!