Thursday, 7 February 2013

TCI Flash Mobbed the CBS and NBC Facebook Site

TCI Flash Mobbed the CBS and NBC Facebook Site 

Facebook Flash Mob
UPDATE:  Now, that was a hoot! We had so much fun at the CBS FB page we went ahead and did NBC’s too!  Then we went and liked the other Lightworkers’ posts. I saw a woman post a query, asking what the OPPT is. Word is getting out! We challenged the media to tell the truth, to honour their desire to report on what is really happening and to tell The People that they are free of the tyranny.
The entire call was terrific and people shared a plethora of powerful information. I was very glad I listened.
Want to be part of something powerful that’s fun and free and could change the world? I think this is a great idea. Everyone with a computer can join Lisa Harrison and friends and do this. I’m there!
Check it out at this facebook page.
Victory of the Light!
Join us LIVE on The Collective Imagination radio show when you and yours join TCI, and together we make history!
Use your voice to demand disclosure of the One People’s Public Trust!
BE a part of our Flash Mob on CBS’s FB page when we show our power by inundating this HUGE media giant with posts of Freedom and Demand. This Flash Mob will act as the first step in our collective Movement to regain our freedom and sovereignty!
So get psyched! BE by your computer. Keyboard at hand. Mouse at the ready. And join us LIVE when we share the key phrases we want you to personalize and post.
Listen here, Tue @ 8pm (US EST), 5:00 Pacific, or Wed@ 12pm (AU DST):