Tuesday, 7 May 2013

I UV - new website



Welcome to ‘I and UV Exchange’ (I-UV), a portal or window for humanity where you can discover a whole new way of BE’ing and DO’ing in accordance with the highest ideals.
This new landscape for living was created by calling into question the standing and authority of the slavery system we had become accustomed to, and through legal filings, putting the world’s banks, corporations and governments on notice, that debt slavery was no longer valid or acceptable by We The People.
Due legal process gave these organizations an opportunity to rebut the filings one by one, however, because the filings were based on the established and undeniable truth that no one person or entity can own you or your body, not surprisingly, none of the filings were challenged or rebutted.  Those original filings then became forever established as globally recognized UCC Rulings (rulings in law), giving each and every human BE’ing their freedom from debt slavery from that day forth.
The ‘I and the UV Exchange’ UCC filing that followed, established the additional fact that: “Abundance is manifested at the speed of our expanding imagination and DO’ing what we imagine”.   The I-UV tool is a “transparent eternal essence tool that recognizes and honors the value that IS eternal essence embodied” in each one of us.  And so was born the understanding of DO’ing and BE’ing, formally completing and reconciling the work of the original UCC rulings.
All that is left is to DO and BE.
Here at I-UV, you will find historical data, interactive opportunities to share information and stories, and global news and updates representing the One Peoples’ Voice – YOU.  We thank you for DO’ing and BE’ing with us on this Nova Earth site.