I was listening to music the other day in the car and a few of my songs came on that were from years ago. I usually skip them because I have heard them so many times and I am so used to the ego coming in and creating fear around them.  I have been DOing so much with releasing the fear based ego system, releasing all limits. Ive been Nurturing the ego saying “thank you for trying to protect me but that is not needed, there is nothing to protect me from,I BE Eternal Essence, I love you, you are Eternal Essence, we are one,  you may release this role and identity of ego end BE Eternal Essence.” Everyday we talk and the ego has started to observe and watch how I BE and DO as Eternal Essence, as an Eternal Heart. She has calmed down and allows things to move out. When she grips I say, ” I will not pay energy into that, i love you.” So when my old songs came on the other day, I spoke to the “ego” (ive been calling my ego “love”, soon she will have no name but Eternal Essence) I said to her, “we can do this, we can listen to these songs without gripping, without fear, without judgement, without doubt, and be in the music.. lets just have fun!”

I sang and listened to them with new ears..Like I was listening to them for the first time. It almost felt like it wasn’t me I was listening to, I stepped outside and observed each song allowing myself to dissolve all limits that could create negativity. I allowed myself to release the old vibrational relationship with them, release the fear based ego system and listen from my Eternal Heart. They are so beautiful! I turned them up sang loudly, danced…I had a blast! It was so fun! I even listened to a couple over and over again! Every phase of writing has been different. When I look back and listen I can hear what I was learning at that time, I can feel my heart and see the beauty in each moment of each song. It was so profound to see my Eternal Heart in my music from a moment of now where I still had so much waking up to do. So much has changed, I have grown and expanded but I still feel a vibration of love and joy when I listen to them. I love all of my creations and have enjoyed the process of awakening to who I am as ABSOLUTE MUSIC…. and so it continues. I am Eternal Essence, Absent Limits…that is what I already BE. I do not need to try to be that. I AM, It IS. All there is to DO is release and let go of the limits from this Fear based system, cleanse them away, continually BEing in my Eternal Heart and BE. As I release I can feel and see the limits that have been holding me back from shining. I can see the limits from all different areas and levels from this contrast experience dissolving away and I shine a little more, a little more, a little more….  SO watch out, because here I come!! :)   I invite you to listen to this demo of mine “Pull Through” … turn up the volume and be in joy! ;) I Love you guys! http://jennalavoie.bandcamp.com/   (there are more songs to listen to on the right side of the page under “discography”) <3

Jenna, Eternal Essence Embodied, Absolute Sound. ;)