Tuesday, 14 May 2013



The web creative team is proud to announce the launch of the new ONE PEOPLE’S website….
www.I-UV.COM !

The look has changed but not the energy behind our efforts as we’ve worked hard to make the site valuable with tools and information in a user-friendly design. Expanding our international reach, you can now view the site in multiple languages with one click of the “Translate” button found on every page. Or use the many Courtesy Notices conveniently translated for download from the OPPT Tools page.

Like all BEings, the site will continue to evolve as we develop more interactivity such as an upload feature for video, audio and images to compliment your own Freedom Story submissions or encounters with Friends in High Places. And stay tuned to the site for the many coordinated Flash Mobs we’re preparing.

As you poke around the site, know that much love and care went into the design and content. And feel free to submit your comments to Thoughts@i-uv.com

The BEings listed below are proud to represent you in this fun and creative endeavor building a portal of knowledge that belongs to THE ONE PEOPLE.

Much love from…
BZ Riger
Holly Tucker
Helen Vita
Ivan Schoultz
Kimarie Teter
Keimpe de Jong
Rachel Jones
Beatrice Weir
Kevin Miller

Sean LeMay
Sue Rhodes
Sarah Beckman
Peter Lysohirka

Time to Share Your Freedom Story

The sharing of our FREE-DO’m stories I’MPOWERs others to also DO and BE more. That DO’ing and BE’ing multiplies and expands the awareness and energy so others can also take courage. The Freedom Stories section includes stories of your Awakening and IMPowerment in addition to Freedom Stories involving CN's and OPPT Tools. click here

Keep Up with The Latest on The I UV Blog

People are BEing and DOing at the speed of Heart and there is new Data being revealed in each moment of Now. We have our finger on the pulse of the Energy in The Now. From your stories, projects you are PAYing your energy into, Data being published in the news and Contrast that is showing itself... look to the I UV Blog to keep you up on the latest. click here

Have You Signed The Declaration of Absolute Freedom?

Question: If you knew that stepping forward and making a simple declaration, “You Are Free”, enjoined by hundreds of similar declarations, would empower you with a sense of Oneness and Freedom, would you declare? The Feeling you get is amazing! click here

Our Friends In High Places

The astounding witness testimony recently revealed at the Citizen’s Hearing on Disclosure in Washington, D.C., laid bare the facts we are not alone in the Universe. The question of Galactic Beings is no longer if they exist but rather how and where they exist? These are just some of the insightful questions of a global and cosmic nature you’ll hear in discussions with Julien and company, including our Friends in High Places. click here

Its an Interactive Experience

The web creative team is BEing and DOing in fun creative ways to continually expand the One People's site in each Moment of Now.
We are adding in MultiDimensional, MultiMedia and Interactive abilities all the time.
Here are just a few:
Upload documents, audio, images with your Freedom Story...
See where in the world other Eternal Essence Embodied live who also signed the Declaration of Absolute Freedom
Which Courtesy Notice should I use?
Tell us about your local MeetUp group
You can translate the whole site! Just click the translate button in the upper right hand corner up-b-arrow