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UPDATED: Understanding the I U/V Exchange System, Project XIII and Clearing Some Disinfo...

UPDATED: Understanding the I U/V Exchange System, Project XIII and Clearing Some Disinfo...

Understanding the I U/V Exchange System, Project XIII and Clearing Some Disinfo...
May 6, 2013

This conversation was shared by Heather early this morning in one of the Skype rooms. There are many questions on the table as to how the I U/V Exchange system will work and what the relationship is to Project XIII. The description below does NOT come from Heather. However, she does say, for the most part it is pretty accurate. Hold onto your hats folks, because The Finale is knocking on the door! Let's get this Cosmic Party started!!!

A comment from AK: 

American Kabuki

I would caution people to wait until the UV Ixchange is released until making grand proclamations as to how it all works. There is much to be done, many unknown obstacles yet to deal with, and things to do yet. I would think of May as the kickoff point, but how rapidly it expands I would not speculate at this point, its a big undertaking. Caleb's Project Xiii is separate from the Ixchange but uses it. One is a framework of transactions the other is a software product, and I hesitate to use the word "unhackable" to anything made with human hands, I am sure Caleb is doing his best to make it hacker resistant.

(NOTE: I put Heather's comments in bold).

From Linda (rays of sunshine) requesting confirmation on some things....

[2:20:44 AM] Linda (Rays of Sunshine): Cool... I just shared that paul guy's perspective about what the I/UV exchange and Project XIII is about... so hope it is fairly accurate

<<< Fantastic info coming out that's for sure... missed the call with Julien today, so need to catch up ... Paul's post was as below:

[2:21:28 AM] Linda (Rays of Sunshine): sorry Simon's post
Linda (Rays of Sunshine) 8:51 AM
> What this I / UV exchange looks like from one person’s perspective by Simon Parker [UV = Universal Value] 

As much for my benefit as anyone else's, I'll try to explain in easy terms what this I / UV exchange is about from what I have been about to glean from the information about Project XIII

First, some background:

Ever since money came into existence, it has been used as a tool to represent the true value of the Human Being.

The true value [intrinsic value] of Human Beings can't be equated to a number, or to any amount of cash.
Money has been inserted between the Creator and The Created, and has been used to manufacture a system whereby Human Beings have become slaves to money, and the Money Masters.

What the OPPT filings [back in 2012] achieved, was to expose the slavery system, and to effectively neutralize it.

Now...... later on in this Month of May 2013, the so-called I / UV Exchange will be launched, under the title of Project XIII.

Details of the content, and the way the system will work, have yet to be released; suffice is to say, however, that this system is THE game-changer. 

So, what I am suggesting below, is nothing more than a best guess.

Each person on the planet will now have the opportunity to connect with an online system that offers them the following:

1. A personal value resource worth 10 Billion of any existing currency they choose to use.
2. A personal iPage that consists of:
* An alternative to Facebook, but without any monitoring or data-harvesting
* A facility to create our own webpage [I think]
* An equivalent to eBay, or any other similar trading platform
* An equivalent to Amazon, or any other similar market stall
* An equivalent to Skype
* An online banking facility, which contains the 10 Billion

This iPage will replace all the existing online mechanisms for communications / interactions, or for purchasing.
Moreover, the iPage will be un-hackable; it will be entirely free of any government or alphabet-agency oversight; it will have an ability to be entirely personalised to your own specifications; it will contain individual access codes that are uniquely yours, so that nobody else can use your page, not even the software writers.
I know this sounds too good to be true..... more like something out of a feelgood science fiction movie, but this is what I have gleaned from listening to recent blog shows, and from reading associated literature.

In addition to, and in parallel with this release, several other major events will be happening:

1. Disclosure of ET [already ongoing with the Citizens Disclosure hearings in DC].
2. Release of erstwhile suppressed technology....... such as replicators, and zero-point energy devices.
3. The introduction of gravity-free car transportation........ followed closely by....
4. The implementation of stargates for local and long-distance [instantaneous] travel.

Needless to say, the existing banking system, along with all associated structures and mechanisms, will collapse as soon as this iPage is released. 

Governments will become irrelevant, and politicians will disappear back into their holes.

Additionally, chaos will inevitably ensue for a short period, once people have access to these unfathomable amounts of money, as nobody will bother turning up for work..... or for anything, for that matter. This is why it's important that all the suppressed technology is released in tandem with the iPage.

(Personally, I don't feel there will be any chaos. I believe it will be a peaceful transition) ~BK

But, if we are to think about the implications of this new technology, it will actually have the effect of eradicating the need for money, so the 10 Billion will very quickly become redundant.

In short, this new technology, and this novel, infinitely-abundant iPage, are here at this auspicious time in the evolution of the Human Species, to offer a practical / technical interregnum that will serve the purpose of enabling the smooth transition from the five-sensory, limited Human, to a fully-functional, spiritual Human..... and the eventual onset of our own, intrinsic, Organic Technology.

The software team that have been involved in putting this together are well aware that their lives will be in severe danger on the release date, and they have taken measures to make themselves as invisible as possible when the time comes.

By the end of June this year, the world will be a very different place. By next year, the world will be unrecognizable.

Time to BE HAPPY!!! SmileySmiley

From Simon Palmer
8:51 AM
yee ha

[2:21:40 AM] Linda (Rays of Sunshine): That one

[2:22:04 AM] Linda (Rays of Sunshine): I think it was found on FB

[2:24:03 AM] Jarrafusa: (sun)

[2:24:18 AM] Linda (Rays of Sunshine): Also BZ shared some bits too in both main chats here... So pretty accurate???

[2:24:38 AM] Linda (Rays of Sunshine): (sun) I will grab her bits here to if you like?
BZ Riger 9:03 AM: well I just wanted to help people understand that Project XII is a creation that Caleb started working on because he did not like the harvesting that FB was doing. He is a phenomenal coder and software creator.... so he went to town on building something amazing. Then also being in conversation with Heather he agreed that the I UV exchange could run on and be incorporated into the Framework that is his called Project XIII.

BZ Riger 9:03 AM
Think of Project XII as Wordpress and I UV Exchange as a sophisitcated plugin

that is a simple analogy but it holds true

[2:25:42 AM] Jarrafusa: that would help me, Linda...I have been absolutely focused on DO'ing and not so much reading and chatting...there are moments for that later after we are DONE (heart)

[2:25:45 AM] Jarrafusa: thank you!

[2:25:56 AM] Linda (Rays of Sunshine): cool and it is above (heart)

[2:26:20 AM] Linda (Rays of Sunshine): sorry extra bits then

[2:26:46 AM] Linda (Rays of Sunshine): It is too hard to keep up with the chats thats for sure (rofl) room hopping has had its day (chuckle)

[2:26:53 AM] Linda (Rays of Sunshine): seeing if I missed more

[2:27:01 AM] Jarrafusa: k (chuckle)

[2:27:22 AM] Linda (Rays of Sunshine):
BZ Riger 8:57 AM
nice summation .. one point of clarification

Project XIII is not the same thing as the IUV Exchange before that post from BZ she had that
[2:27:38 AM | Edited 2:28:11 AM] Linda (Rays of Sunshine): BZ Riger 8:58 AM
The I UV Exchange will run on Porject XIII

BUT they are seperate disinct entities

just like Facebook runs on the internet

[2:27:45 AM] Linda (Rays of Sunshine): and that (chuckle)

[2:28:56 AM] Linda (Rays of Sunshine): Yep I think that is it for the most part.... and enough reading... Can I confirm any of this to the main chats from you or leave til the reveal?
‎3‎:‎18‎ ‎AM
for the most part all that is correct....there is much flapping floating around by a few absent their full responsibility and liability...I was just told by Lisa today about a purported foreclosure that supposedly was done on OPPT (first i have heard about it) (chuckle)

[Sunday, May 05, 2013 11:18 PM] Lisa M Harrison:

<<< FB message I received
TheDelightful Claire Pearman-Jordan

tell heather in the interest of full disclosure my skype is thedelightful-beatypea, if she answers a few of my questions i will disclose who foreclose oppt n what ucc files....and supply copies of filings.

Im open to one on one chat or group, whatever heather is comfortable with.[1:08 AM] Jarrafusa:

Heather: ???????

[1:10 AM] Lisa M Harrison:
<<< Heather that FB message came to me from someone who is participating in an attack against me on FB. She said oppt has been foresclosed, I said show me the evidence.
in reply I got that message it was started by the same guy who started the oppt truth fb page[1:30 AM]

Heather: interesting...but she won't bring that out in transparency for the whole universe to dissect, review and discuss? If that is the Absolute Truth, why not make it public? that would be funnnnnnnn to see, and if they have documentation (this is the first I have heard of any purported foreclosure of OPPT) of a foreclosure, then this will be absolutely funnnnnn!!!!

Heather: Which is why I am giggling about the purported foreclosure of the OPPT...there was nothing in there to foreclose upon...the return of all BE'ing and Value was DONE on October 24, 2012...the energetic contracts of the embodiments for the experiment/experience were satisfied on December 10, 2012...all that came after was making it visible and DO'ing what you choose by your free will to BE (inlove) BE'ing and DO'ing IS INFORCEMENT...INFORCE, BABY, INFORCE!!!!!

nothing IS as was expected...that IS how the Absolute Plan could, would and IS DONE!!! Sheessshhh, if we did as they expected...DO you think any of this would end by their free will choice? (chuckle)

and from another unidentified source, or maybe the same?, purportedly their are "legal actions" that were/are in the works against OPPT by former corporations that operated under the guise of the peoples governments, etc....who knows....last time I heard that was during the investigations of the purported judicial departments of the corporations...right before I left in 2011 with Caleb to go London and Switzerland...reportedly 17 purported states and attorney generals were investigating myself and others for all the cases in Florida, etc., (regarding January 2011 onward of testings....declaratory judgments for deceptive acts and practices, demands for proof that a loan was made, judicial recusals for conflict of interest (pension funds invested in mortgage backed securities, etc), etc)...until they realized the actions and briefs of deceptive acts and practices many purported attorney generals had just filed fall of 2011 against banks were actually based on the one we did early 2011 and ferreted out...that is when they realized some one(s) within their own circles were part of making sure this all complete, the Absolute Plan.

ok...all is becoming visible and all DO know within what IS. (heart)

Lisa M Harrison

i have responded to the message on Fb publicly on the oppt truth page, probably is the same source

this is the post on the fb page as I know you can't get into fb lol

Seems some more oppters, came posted n deleted they posted about new oppt site my response was this



If heather answers TheDelightful Claire Pearman-Jordan request for full disclosure and answer questions via skype we will release our info to heather so she may check the many filings, under heathers logic unrebutted means these many files stand as fact! If oppt have complete transparency wheres the problem a typed chat via skype for such important oppt info is a small price to pay... either make contact throught oppt-truth or directly with claire. she has given her skpye details on BZ Rigers post

Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf

why does it have to be a chat via skype? just make the purported data public for all to go through...
i am not engaging in lack of transparency

release it to every one!

[3:28:15 AM] Lisa M Harrison: If heather answers TheDelightful Claire Pearman-Jordan request for full disclosure and answer questions via skype we will release our info

<<< that pattern is familiar...Lisa, they can just release the data...period...if something that big were Absolute Truth...don't you think they or one of the embodiments playing the role of the PTW would have released it by now? If they choose to release it, great! Every one can go through it, review it, dissect it, and discuss it....if it is something to respond to, then I will...but for now, there is nothing for me to respond to other than a condition...talk to me and we release. Don't talk to us and we...what?...Don't release? Hhhhhmmmm...interesting.

I standby DO'ing if, when, and until that happens, if at all.
Lisa, the embodiments playing the roles of the PTW know what comes next...so DO we...within...the best they can DO and all they are permitted to DO is this kind of manuever...distraction...created for the contrast and opportunity for us to make a choice where we consciously DO PAY energy into...sorry, honey, all this is irrelevant to what IS and where I DO PAY my energy into...the finale! Absolute Knowledge! Eternal Essence!