Tuesday, 7 May 2013

New Websites: Absolute Data Exchange & Free Speech Australia

New Websites: Absolute Data Exchange & Free Speech Australia

New Websites: Absolute Data Exchange & Free Speech Australia
May 6, 2013

Here is the direct link to the site:


The Absolute-Data-Exchange is a site where you can source documentation, contact addresses, and guidance, to help 
you make a clear statement to the Powers-that-Were, telling them that their day is over, and we – the people – are 
taking back our freedom, our value, and our sanity.

Our CRM is a highly advanced database driven portal giving you the opportunity to select OPPT documentation and send 
it directly to organisations (including alleged government departments and institutions) helping to educate the good 
people who are still working for the old system.

We are BEings, and we are all eternal essence, so it is up to us to “play-nice” and educate our brothers and sisters who 
have not yet been informed about the new legal and social landscape. By sending courtesy notices and information 
about the UCC (Uniform Commercial Code) filings you can make a real and tangible difference, paving the way to a 
new world, with new rules, new opportunities, and a brighter future.

Join together, our strength is in numbers, and only the creator (whatever you believe that to be) has any rights over us.

With honour, love, and unity.

The Absolute-Data-Exchange Crew

Are you upholding a slavery system?

The most ludicrous thing is that each banker, lawyer or judicial officer who supports this, is still caught INSIDE as a 
slave, just like the unsuspecting victims - us, the Public! The only difference is that you make money from pushing 
slavery as well as pay for it.

Let's face it, when was the last time you met a HAPPY lawyer, banker or judge???

Australian Banks across the board operate under practices that damage lives and undermine the very fabric of society.

Starting with Misleading Conduct, Creation of Debt Servitude, False Advertising and much more through the 
engagement of unlawful courts, criminal laywers and gutless debt collectors. All just to swindle that next "Promissory 
Note" for new money creation. Learn here how it is done.

1 - LOAN or SLAVERY? - you decide

Ex Finance Broker stops paying his mortgage, and challenges lender to prove their claim - LIVE!

RHG Homeloans (former RAMS) an Australian “lender” is publicly invited to provide substantiation about their claim 
for monthly repayments by a Perth family who stopped paying their “mortgage” and put their house on the line after 
finding out what was going on behind the scenes and receiving NO answers from their bank. An in-depth private 
mortgage audit revealed incredible information and all relevant questions presented remain unanswered to date.