Friday, 15 February 2013

A chat with Heather....

A chat with Heather, while I was sleeping! - 15 February 2013

From the RTS chat room....

#1: I thought the UCC was associated with Admiralty Law which was essentially snuck in by the "bad guys" and maintained by our govts, courts etc....

Understanding this Heather/OPPT went into the UCC and did a "kingsayer, no higher no lower, stamped it can't erase it" and used the UCC to essentially re-establish the original contract between the creator and US...and thereby eliminating or rendering the UCC invalid/moot.

Probably not a big deal at the end of the day, but my basic understanding helps me to explain things in simple terms to the uninitiated...

Heather: Universal law is law of one, laws of creation....Common law are those laws brought down into "3D", you BE responsible and liable for what you DO if it damages another...UCC is where every thing from old paradigm is REGISTERED and for now, for matters of efficiency (not recreating the wheel), that REGISTRATION system continues.

Heather: is not associated with admiralty has no borders, it has no is where admiralty, maritime, common law, etc. are all rendered transparent...and uniform...

Heather: no ucc not invalid or moot...title and ownership just returned to the people who paid for it...the one people of this planet.  it is very valid and very useful as the ptw registered EVERYTHING...even UN Hague, BIS, central banks, COUNTRIES, NATIONS, STATES, and all other corporations in their holdings...which are now not "their holdings" by their own free will choice.

#1: Got it. UCC=registration system.  Makes sense now. Thanks!

Heather: YES!!!!!  ;)(inlove)

Heather: registering a UCC filing...THAT is "notice by public registration"...any other notices are just courtesy and not required...but let's be kind and gracious (chuckle)

#2: Two days ago I sent an email to Heather about my ideas of how the CVACs would look.  I just received her reply.

Heather: Thank you for your energy of BE'ing and DO'ing and I return in overseas does provide an interesting contrast, yes? many asked...thanks to Lisa, Max, Chris, Bob, Ken, Scott and so many others of the people by the people...we all DO give :) We addressed the CVAC and I am keeping your comments...thank you.  Check Amerikan Kabuki too...for documents and updates as CVAC's roll out....I believe they will also be posted there, removing the shackles,, etc.

There are no limits...and the people around the planet want the unfettered freedom to BE and DO as they choose without damaging others.  CVAC needs to honor that, guard that, and preserve that...not tell the people how to live, under what terms and conditions they can live, BE and DO, etc.  We just got out of a system like

Many answers to many questions can be found in a pre-recorded show just done by Max Igan that is airing this Friday.

Friday US PST: 8 pm
Saturday East Australia Time: 3 pm

please pass it along..and let's practically apply BE'ing and DO'ing as each one is inspired to DO by with in.

eternal love, peace and gratitude

Heather Ann Tucci-Jarraf

The power of the creator is the loving choice to experience through many.
The power of many is remembering the choice to experience.

Heather: Thank you Deb for posting that article:

#2: I will be interviewing Kevin Annett on our weekly show this evening - check out for call info and details.

Heather: Kevin and I are already working to connect and discuss (heart)

#3: Dearest Heather, no doubt you have heard the verdict of a Superior court alleged Judge here in alleged Ontario who ruled in favour of the alleged bank after reviewing OPPT docs. What DO'ing is required to send a strong message to this liable alleged judge to make a strong point to all others and to set presidence?

Heather: I already spoke to Deryl...Deryl can you provide a copy of what you send so that others can see too?
brief summary:

Deryl: And to you. I am filling out the courtesy notice and will provide a copy to Master Roger. I will disengage and focus my energy's on the next phase

Heather: in addition you can also add that you "accept case [judge, attorney, clerks] duly made admission, now a matter of record, of their being a co-conspirator and co-actor with the bank in fraud, theft and treason, in violation of and damage to your duly secured and REGISTERED BE'ing, rights, value, and principle of law"

BE'ing, standing, authority, rights, value and principle of law

Heather: Kiran....BE and DO...that is causing such effect in enforcing disinegrating the old paradigm...and setting the beauty of NOW!!!!

Heather: I was driving my children home from school today...and my oldest, Zac, was really upset...he was asking if there was a way to make a website that didn't cost a lot of money or that was free...he didn't like my answer...and he blurted out, "Mom, this sucks!!!  God made earth, made us...he didn't make money...all this (pointing to the country landscape) was made by God and I bet it didn't come with a bill when we got it!...Someone just decided to make up money and decided since they made it up they were going to take most of it and leave nothing but scraps to the rest!!!  When I get older, I am going to find a whole bunch of people who think like I do and protest!!!"....I gently laughed and told him there were a lot of people NOW who would stand right beside him and they think the same way (I have been sooooo busy I haven't even updated my family on the public disclosures and all that has beautifully transpired since December 25, 2012....I must carve out a moment to fill them in!)

#4: They know instinctively more than we do!

Heather:: I would really like to have as many people as possible aware...the youth really get it because they have known nothing but the rotten eggs that are left comparison to my generation and those before me (i am told that i am 40 yrs old (chuckle))

nooooo body networks like the youth...someday I will share how the youth took down the royals in romania...stood and were inspirations for their elders who then chose to stand with them...the royals were run out of romania!

#5: I'm from Romania Heather and I was part of the Revolution that took the Communism down. Or so we thought then :(
#6: If we can get into the schools and universities, we would reall yhav ean inpact

Heather: Beatrice that was just a warm up BE'ing and DO'ing is the beautiful finale of the play! (*)
Our best friend was from Romania...he was killed by nonsensical Italian/Somalian matters when he was innocently working his store one evening....we never did make it to visit Romania, but I have another great friend who works with the orphanages there...she loves the people soooo much.

#4: Heather, I was wondering if you could not discuss each section of the CVAC and see what ideas we can collectively come with??
e.g. offering the cards with preloaded funds as an immediate action to release people from the finincial burdens so that they can feel free to engage with the rest??

Heather: about I pre-record that with Chris Hales...he has it all highlighted and noted..then we can send that out...then set up a forum to answer any questions about the CVAC?


explaining the cvac section by section...would rather do a recording than every one can listen to it at their leisure and refer back to it...use it as a sounding board for clarification too.