I have something to propose. Something that I feel in my core must be proposed. I have a wonderful power of extreme sensitivity. Everyday I feel the collective energy and for the past 2 weeks and especially the past few days… I have felt the energy of the PTW VERY strongly. So strong that I have had to rest BIG TIME. I would love to go into detail with you on every moment of the past few days, its truly remarkable the info and unfolding that has occurred,  but I really want to get to the good stuff!
Overall what I have felt from the PTW is,… they are tired, really tired, they are weak and exhausted, some have given up the fight but are following a group that are still in the “we wont ever give up!!!!!!!” energy.. and they dont know how to stop following them, they feel hopeless and scared, (yup hopeless and scared, they feel what we have been feeling our entire lives from them ), they are desperate and scrambling around searching and searching. BUT the energy of the desperation is deeper then, “we must figure out how to continue having control”, its hopelessness of not KNOWING how to BE. They started the fear based system because they were so disconnected and lost from Source and their Eternal Hearts.  How they have been doing it for the past “bazillion” years  has fulfilled that space inside and taken place of the Eternal Heart for survival. Now that that reality they created to feel filled with power is gone… their hearts are exposed and hopeless not KNOWING or having the slightest idea where to focus or go. They don’t feel their Eternal Heart in a much bigger way then we ever have.
The biggest piece that I feel is that their hearts are exposed, they are vulnerable. But that does not mean we should attack, that is what THEY taught us, so why continue participating in that system, it keeps it alive.  They desire what we all desire but have forgotten in a deeper way.  The bottom line is that ITS DONE. Their jobs here are done, the system is done, its all done.. its just a matter of someone calling “time of death”. Since right now what is most prevalent is that I can feel their hearts in hopelessness, that means its a PRIME moment to speak to their Eternal Hearts, and ONLY with LOVE. I know we have done this, and are DOing this, But Im proposing a mass, huge, intent. When it comes to the PTW we have always had a mixture of love and anger,  anger being the bigger energy, which is VERY understandable. BUT, our Eternal Hearts are not angry. And that is who we truly BE. When we fight we are still participating in the fear based reality and structures and systems that they set up for us.
What I propose, what I ask, is that you go within.. deep to your Eternal Heart.  Picture a member of the PTW as your own family, because that’s who they truly are. If your family member forgot who they truly were you would do everything in your power to get them back to remembering. What I KNOW you would soon realize after trying everything to get them to wake up from their spell, is that LOVE is THE MOST POWERFUL FORCE. NOTHING IS MORE POWERFUL. My intuition, my gut, every part of my BEing, My ETERNAL HEART is telling me its time we unite in LOVE bigger then ever. Right now , their hearts are exposed. We can penetrate the walls. We can unite, get as many BEings as you know to go to their Eternal Hearts and feel the Eternal Hearts of the PTW, and in that moment WE will remember and feel that they are ETERNAL HEARTS… which will create compassion and love. I propose, to put a stop to the energy of the fight. To stop with the ” your time is up PTW, your finished!!” energy, no more wanting to create guilt and fear in them.. for that is the very thing that will keep them in fear and continue to help them to grip to it. We have fought a good fight, but what we KNOW in our Eternal Hearts is that there is NEVER any reason to fight, EVER. That we can overcome and release ourselves from the shackles with LOVE and LOVE ALONE. Shout to the world, TIME TO LOVE THEM, TIME TO SEND THEM LOVE. No matter what, keep going back to that space, your Eternal Heart.
I propose we make an announcement on the radio shows.. we are switching things up, full steam ahead. LOVE. Go to that space and BE and then DO what it is you DO. It is not even required to focus on them to help them awaken. They can awaken from love by you allowing yourself to BE in your Eternal Heart and just  DO you. And when the PTW are mentioned allow yourself to stay connected and not disconnect from your Eternal Heart. STAY IN THAT SPACE. This will have an effect on a planetary level and help others wake up as well.
I am going to sing to them. I am going to thank them for making the most difficult choice of choosing to be the contrast for us. I am going to tell them, I miss them. I will say this to all BEings. We are all one, and we have disconnected from that. I choose to not create separateness any longer, in any way.   I dont know about you but now,,.. when I am observing other beings out in the world and can see they are weighed down by the spell and have forgotten, I feel love in my heart and feel sweet tears of me wanting to tell them, I miss you,  I love you, remember who you are… because I SEE YOU. I SEE YOU. I SEE YOU. Every time we meet a being with the energy of ABSOLUTE LOVE… it effects them on some level. Now imagine a huge mass of BEings sending love, not just sending love, but allowing their BEing to remember and feel that they and everyone else are truly Eternal Hearts.. and to allow that love to be present. I am going to soften and let go of the fight. I am going to remember they are my family and I love them. I am going to tell them , you can rest now, its safe to be in your Eternal Heart, Its okay to remember and want to remember who you truly BE. When I sing, the vibration is Absolute Love, Sound, Eternal Essence. I will sing to them and penetrate their hearts. I KNOW that I BE ETERNAL ESSENCE EMBODIED, I don’t even need to sing, or speak to connect to my Eternal Heart, I AM. SO no matter what I set the intention to SEE THE PTW’S ETERNAL HEARTS. I propose we even change their name to something that helps us soften and not send them any disconnect energy.
THE TIME IS NOW THIS MOMENT OF NOW for our Eternal Hearts to really shine. THEY are ready. The world is ready. Lets all go within. I can see the pink wave of magnificent Eternal love from all of us BEing, I can see and feel how powerful, profound LOVE is,  who we BE.  I can see it transforming everything in the “twinkling of an eye”. Allow everything you speak, think, feel, DO to be LOVE from now on. No more needing to TAKE A STAND AND FIGHT. Its time to STAND UP AND LOVE. Put down your guard, your fists, your anger, let go of the resistance and melt into the freedom and beauty of your Eternal Heart and you will see all Eternal Hearts. LETS HAVE FUN DOing it! I love you my Family and I SEE YOU. Lets bring them home.
<3 Jenna Lavoie -Eternal Heart Embodied.

Time, to make a change
These things, can never be the same
Leave, all your cares behind
Cus where we’re going, LOVE is all you’ll find

Time, to step in
To who we were, before all this began

I have turned it all around
You can too, Ill show you how

We’re coming alive again
We’re coming alive again
Our hearts mend
I see you again
Our hearts will mend
And Ill see you again….