Monday, 22 April 2013

Ron Van Dyke on OPPT Enforcement of Filings

Ron Van Dyke on OPPT Enforcement of Filings

I would caution people that discussions are in progress with Swissindo but not yet conclusive and final.  Swissindo 
seems to have very pure intent about ending the NWO without bloodshed and doing so in absolute transparency.

Swissindo have received criticism (as has the OPPT) from some groups for taking this very courageous stand.  There are 
people and groups out there that want violence. The OPPT does not stand for that kind of thing. There is much to 
discuss with them yet before this is a done deal. The OPPT Trustees have not signed off on anything yet...  For up to 
date details watch Brian Kelly's Blog.  I will do my best to keep my blog updated, but Brian is better informed than I am 
of day to day news in this matter given his role as Press Relations for the OPPT.

The OPPT will not create a new kingdom to replace the old one, nor will there be any dictatorship.  They will never 
sign off on that.  This is about returning control to the One People.

Within the Swissindo documents are proof that the NWO order has existed for the past 60+ years.  You will read 
about the Committee of 300 and other groups who have been running things for a very long time. Unlike the fear 
mongering on the blogs about the NWO coming soon, we have actually been secretly living in the NWO for longer than I 
have been alive.

That was perhaps at gun point (or nuclear missile threat) of the families that own the Federal Reserve since the end of 
World War I and the US Corporation they controlled. There's much history to be learned about how that all 
transpired and constrictions placed upon the Indonesians first by the Dutch Empire and later the Anglo/American/
Dutch world empire that followed it.  I frankly don't know that history right now, but Paul Humfrey is a historian and I 
am sure we will soon learn it.

I am perhaps a bit more cautious on this subject than some of my peers as this has to be done very carefully.  I do 
know that Heather will require absolute transparency and that every effort by law enforcement be taken to preserve 
the lives of any and all taken into custody by law enforcement and military worldwide.

A final word on the One People's Public Trust, the OPPT was officially disolved as an entity and has been replaced 
by the I M Universal Value Exchange.  The filings however still stand in perpetuity.

We still refer to the movement as the OPPT, but technically speaking the OPPT doesn't exist as an operating legal 
entity any more.   -AK