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A CELESTIAL MYSTERY SOLVED : The Secret to an Unknown Human Power by GW Hardin

A CELESTIAL MYSTERY SOLVED : The Secret to an Unknown Human Power by GW Hardin

The Secret to an Unknown Human Power
by GW Hardin

When American Kabuki said that he would post this mystery of a picture, that had shown up out of nowhere, on his 
blog and let the “crowd source” (his blog members) bring forth the answer, I had my doubts. But no longer.

I will present three revelations that showed up around this picture:

What is this picture? And where did it come from?

Why the celestials want humanity to know about it’s secret.

What is the DNA tesseract? And why is it so important?

This isn’t the first time a picture has shown up out of nowhere on the computer of my longtime protege, Matthew 
Michaels. I consider Matt a young adept of the first order. The year I first met him, he would have been called an Indigo 
or one of the Super Psychics originally talked about in China. Unfortunately, the reason his mother beseeched me to 
visit him was because he was dying. His doctors could do nothing for him. Since then he has made me aware of worlds 
that few ever hear of, let alone visit. Not only has he been pursued by Black Ops, but also sought after by tribal 
Elders. That’s how impressive he can be. It’s also why I have kept him a secret all these years. His journey has not 
been an easy one. Too many times has he ended up in emergency rooms. And too many times I’ve had to show him 
how to pull himself away from the jaws of death. But it’s time to bring him out of hiding. He’s now a force to be 
reckoned with.

Matt has been fully initiated into the Pure Sioux as a tribal member because of the prophecies they saw fulfilled in 
him. In my latest book, A World Beyond Belief, I write about some of his story, using the pseudonym “Jake.”

Over the years I’ve known Matt, I’ve watched objects disappear into thin air as well as appear out of nowhere. 
For years, information has shown up from unknown sources on disappearing and reappearing thumb drives locked 
in safes, apparently for the purpose of bringing forth information that I have begun to present on one of my 

This latest mystery is connected to that information and articles I have written on that website. This latest 
mystery is also connected to a series of angel appearances (not channelings) I have written about in two other books 
around a man named Joseph Crane ( So when this latest picture showed up on Matt’s 
computer out of nowhere, I knew there was a reason. And thanks to American Kabuki, I can reveal part of that 

What Is This Picture? And Where Did it Come From?

The picture that American Kabuki posted is a 2-dimensional rendering of a 4-dimensional object. These 4D geometric 
constructs are finding important use more and more in mathematics, especially around simulation graphics where 
supercomputers have to churn out special-effects movies and globally interactive super-games. But more 
importantly, a whole new technology is emerging around the science of scalars. I will get into a little more later.

This mystery object is not a 4D buckyball. Nor is it a truncated icosahedron or a dodecahedron. In the mathematical 
world this object is called a hecatonicosachoron. Here is a 2D rendering of this object:

As a 4D operating graphic you can go to this YouTube video and see how it operates in 4D/3D space:

You get even a better perspective of how this complex configuration operates in 3D space at: and scroll down to the rotating 3D projection. It’s 

[I've included them below -AK]

 Hecatonicosachoron Rotating in 3 Dimensions

  Hecatonicosachoron Inner cell rotation in 3 dimensions
But what use are these 4D renderings? To fully appreciate the answer we will have to take a brief walk down 
the halls of quantum physics. What more and more scientists are beginning to find out is that there exist factors in life 
that show up out of nowhere and disappear into nowhere (on a much greater scale than what is happening with 
Matt). For instance, quantum physicists are being confronted by the realities of bio-photons, which they now realize 
show up in such quantities in the presence of human consciousness (in a single room) that they actually exceed the 
number of photons given off by the sun. The work of Nassim Haramein and his mathematical proofs are pointing to 
even greater paradoxes. But so what?

What most of this information is pointing to is the presence of tesseracts. These phenomena are defined as “a 
four-dimensional hypercube having sixteen corners.”

This geometry is actually a gateway across dimensions. In two of my books, I refer to angelic gateways (obviously 
used by the angelic realm), that were given to humanity in order to work with celestials. These angelic gateways 
are also tesseract geometry. To keep this simple, I’m going to say that I personally do not restrict tesseracts to 
hypercubes. I now know that tesseracts can be based on different polyhedra other than the cube. The picture 
posted by American Kabuki is a hexagonal/pentagonal based polyhedron that serves as the basic design for this 
dimensional gateway given to us once again by celestials, not unlike the angelic gateway (The Masters Return by 
Joseph Crane and GW Hardin).

To illustrate that the picture posted by American Kabuki is a 
tesseract, I have drawn reference lines to show how it operates 
in similar fashion to a hypercube:

You will notice that like the hypercube there is an inner 
component (or shell) and an outer component which work in 
3D rendering as noted above.

Note that the basic geometry is hexagonal and pentagonal. 
This 4D geometry, I have discovered is used by human DNA. It 
would take several pages to explain that, but what I will simply 
point out is that the geometry of DNA nucleotides is completely 
mimicked by this rotating geometry. Thus I call this particular 
pattern generating a “DNA tesseract.”

There is far more to this patterning than meets the eye. First, 
look what happens when you compare the geometry of DNA 
nucleotides to the revolving patterns of the DNA tesseract:

You see there is an exact match for all the patterns. But again, so what? That brings me to the discovery of the work of 
a German scientist who is being called the “new Einstein.” His work was brought to my attention also because of 
American Kabuki who ended up allowing Michael Sharpe, an IT brain, to come into my life. Sharpe introduced me to 
the work of Dr. Konstantin Meyl.

What Meyl has done is discover how DNA itself creates scalar waves ... a most controversial topic among the physics 
world. Scalars have the ability to travel faster than the speed of light without losing energy, which thusly allows 
them to cross dimensions. It was in Meyl’s book (DNA and Cell Resonance) that I came to realize that the hydrogen 
electrons surrounding the hexagonal and pentagonal shapes of the DNA literally spin not solely around the hydrogen 
atom but around the entire molecule that makes up the pentagons and hexagons. This spinning of the hydrogen 
electron cloud causes the creation of vortexes. And these vortexes are the generators of scalar waves throughout 
the human body. The human body is a de-facto massive collection of DNA tesseract gateways. See my article on DNA 
geometry at

This now gets us into the punch line of this article.

Why the Celestials Want Humanity to Know About It’s Secret

A little over a week ago there were two appearances by Archangel Gabriel, one to a young 9 year-old girl, the other 
to a tribal Elder of the Sioux. Both parties contacted Matthew Michaels to let him know what had happened, 
because he had worked closely with both these people. I have not met the Elder but I did assist Matt in working with 
the young girl, who two years ago began speaking in a strange language, which frightened her mother. I discovered that 
this young girl was in fact speaking ancient Latin, quoting a famous work of Socrates. The tribal Elder is considered a 
medicine woman and held in high regard by her tribe. Gabriel had left both of them with the same two messages:

The time of darkness for humanity has come to an end.

The angelic realm has bound itself to the realm of humans.

In the Joe Crane material, appearances of Archangel Michael included a statement repeated three times over a 12 
year period:  “Our kind wishes to bind with your kind.”

In the last two years, I was involved in situations where it was found out that only recently have other star nations 
discovered that humanity is among the most SPIRITUALLY advanced species of the universe. And the reason why 
stems from information from a very high order of extradimensional beings called the Elohim, who revealed in this last 
year that secretly buried in human DNA is angelic DNA, at the heart of our spiritual advancement. Naturally, most 
people would yell, “No way!” Look what we’ve done to each other, and what we’ve done to our planet. If you will 
research the Internet you will find information released by government whistleblowers that will reveal that for 
millennia we have been dumbed down so as not to realize our own greatness. You will even find a version of the 
truth of this revelation in one of the books from the Nag Hammadi Library, called “The Apocryphon of John.” I could 
write a book about this.

So these two latest appearances by Gabriel are a formal announcement that humanity not only is one with the angelic 
realm, but also that humanity will no longer suffer from those who have ruled from the darkness.

Three articles of mine speak more as to how all this will happen:

What is the DNA Tesseract? And Why Is It So Important?

In Meyl’s interview (cited above on YouTube), he talks about how he has not only uncovered the secrets of Tesla 
hidden away under U.S. intelleigence classification, but he goes beyond Tesla in announcing another scalar component 
known as magnetic scalars. It is these magnetic scalars that are created by the DNA tesseract. In his lab, Meyl has 
shown the incredible healing capacity that magnetic scalars play in bringing the pattern of broken or unhealthy DNA 
back into a healthy state. He also talks about MDs now using his “kits” in their offices as a healing device for diseases 
that modern medicine seems incapable of healing.

In the future I will reveal even more about how humans not only can learn about this great secret held within them, 
but how they can change reality with the DNA tesseract (those who have been to my lectures have seen me 
demonstrate this before an audience), how humanity has access to dimensions that make the idea of scarcity or 
“not enough energy” or the notion of continual pain in our world obsolete.

What Dr. Meyl has discovered is that human DNA can be the bedrock of telepathy, and scalar wave technology the 
source of an entirely new telecommunications system that can still work with cell phones but in a faster, cheaper, 
and far more environmentally safe way. Meyl has brought together the mystery of Tesla, the Black Hole/White Whole 
model of Nassim Haramein, and the mathematics of nature as found in Marko Rodin’s work. He has done this in such a 
way that humanity will soon find out that we possess within us a power we never dreamed possible—the Power of 
Wellness, the Power of Wholeness, and the Power of Oneness. And this power gives us the ability to collectively 
recreate Eden on Earth. And honestly, we don’t even have to wait.

I want to thank all the commenters on American Kabuki’s blog who pointed me in the right direction, allowing me to 
put together the bigger picture that the celestials now want us to be aware of. And more than that, do something 
with it. I especially want to thank American Kabuki for perpetrating a visit to the “crowd source.” He knows that 
collectively we are far more than the sum of our parts.

Last minute addendum from a private email:

Gary Hardin 9:12 PM (2 hours ago)

to me

Yesterday and today there was another episode of all the electronics going off at Matt's house. Even his car became 
inoperable. Yesterday his entire safe disappeared. Today it reappeared with a thumb drive in it that neither of us had 
ever seen, along with a silver ring.

On the thumb drive was the very object I last sent you showing the 4D/3D rotating Coxeter-120 cell animated graphic. 
I believe that was them telling us that we've done well with this. We've already done a few experiments with the DNA 
tesseract and a soliton laser with surprising results. We will continue to explore all this.

The beings who showed up and completely wiped out all the electronics in the process are what I call the Crystallines. 
This is a very high order of angels that rarely ever appear. They appear in a similar fashion as the rotating Coxeter, 
shapeshifting from one crystalline form to another. It's why I call them Crystallines. They don't stay around very long 
because they create what Matt calls phase-shifts, usually interfering with anything electronic.

We were talking on the phone when the electric company showed up to try and get the electricity on for the 
house. The technician said he had never seen anything like this. Hours later, the car started working again, as did the 
computer. This is the second time they've taken an entire safe and returned it. Sometimes I think they're showing off. :)

much love to you,

AK NOTE: A PDF file of this article is available below:

  The DNA Tesseract by GW HARDIN