Tuesday, 30 April 2013

OPPT-IN Show 4-29-13… MP3s (and Notes from Ginger)

OPPT-IN Show 4-29-13… MP3s (and Notes from Ginger)

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OPT-IN Show – GingerSnap! Notes – April 28th US / 29th Australia –http://www.blogtalkradio.com/freedomreigns/2013/04/29/opt-in
Today’s show contains very good news . . .
CITIZEN’S HEARING ON DISCLOSURE THIS WEEK, JUST PICKED UP BY HUFFINGTON POST WITH HOURLY UPDATES ENTIRE WEEK! –http://briankellysblog.blogspot.com/2013/04/huffington-post-citizen-hearing-on.html
- Synopsis by Brian (about 1hr 24mins into show) – can pay only $3.80 for entire week to watch live streaming set up as a panel for some congress members to hear Bassett and Greer and team’s hard evidence that claims are real and valid. Greer did a stellar job towards end of first day. And at end, Bassett got standing ovation from everyone present, including congress representatives! And a congress woman stood up and declared “we are going to work with them now” (our galactic neighbors) . . . so quite an emotional moment for collective decades of work around trying to get this moment to happen . . . by the the people by the people. http://www.citizenhearing.org/index.html
- You can sign the Petition on change.org, search on this for signatureshttps://www.change.org/petitions/call-urge-cnn-fox-msnbc-to-livecast-the-citizen-hearing-on-disclosure-to-be-held-at-the-washington-press-club-april-29-may3-2013

PLZ NOTE – the SWISSINDO folks do NOT have some big global secret domination thing going on along with OPT (Brian, Heather or Lisa) . . . they are just using the OPPT/UCC filings to move forward with that they have been working on for the last few 100 years . . . and basically just before the show Brian was asked by them to research what they are putting out there in public now . . . but no major news as they are just continuing to move forward now.
- About an hour into show, Chris clarifies the orders sent to the UN and the Provost Marshals . . . is excellent . . . the point being to apply the information and pressure through entire UN and military system . . . that is a process just now having some traction . . . so well worth listening to! Note, currently there is lots of speculation and opinions going on right now . . . so don’t get caught up by it and just hold space for best outcome to happen, as something is about to give right now . . . and remember, it’s like turning the Titanic around towards a whole new story!
- And the fact we are getting anything back positive at this time is extraordinary . . . and is why the old system protocols are breaking apart without any inside answers . . . except from us!
- So they are starting to ask questions, therefore, the ones at the top are wondering what to do right now.
- D (of RTS) just had a very interesting conversation from very high up sources that “they know what is going on” and how it is moving forward via the OPPT/UCC filings (and all our hard work!). And regarding the RV – it’s all “very hot and heavy at moment.”
- We are starting to see cracks in system, even with police, that is very encouraging.
- Holly Tucker wrote:
CITIZEN DISCLOSURE HEARINGS: If you or someone you know is listening and/or watching the hearings, the OPPT-IN web creative team would love some soundbites or news to include on the site in our new “Friends In High Places” segment. We’re busy developing the new I-UV.com site (fka OPPT-IN) and keeping the present site fresh, that no team member has time to do so ourselves . . . And D of RTS, asks us all, CAN YOU HELP?
- We have all of the media contact info for a flash mobit is on the site
- “Let’s show them our DOing by putting you name on a document and sending it out there, creating the space for something different to happen”
- In the first part of show, excellent conversation around using the Foreclosure Flyers, Courtesy Notices and Bond and Oath. Scott Bartle regarding the new database (growing global listing of those still operating under old enslavement system) is looking for volunteers for certain countries to send out flyers . . . go here for more info –http://www.absolute-data-exchange.com/ . . . and to contact about –morpheus@absolute-data-exchange.com . . . an excellent diagram on when and how to use the OP tools here – http://www.scribd.com/doc/138264240/CN-Invoice-Diagram . . .
- There is a new document called Declaration of Absolute Freedom (by Chris) – written from the Absolute, with references of different systems like the CVAC that you can pick and choose from . . . this document is really statements of Universal Law, with full responsibility in our individual chosen DOings . . . you can sign and add with any other documents as a statement of your position in the Universe here – http://oppt-in.com/i-uv/declaration-of-absolute-freedom/ . . . The website soon will have a list by country and city state of each person’s full name who has filled out the Declaration of Absolute Freedom so that thousands and thousands etc will see and step all in – Hooray! . . . and we are encouraged to write our too, as it very powerful!
- More clarity around the Oath and Bond . . . “it is an energetic promissory note and a gift . . . as an individual intention . . . and (about 1hr 37mins into show) more from Chris . . . wait till CVAC becomes active; and for the military stuff, they will provide more as needed.
- A caller asks should we not be sending our post master generals the notices too? and what about jury duty summons? is all answered.
- Chris highly recommends listening to conversations with Julien . . . around energetic build ups, details of trends and relative time frames . . . and how he is seeing the one people standing, spreads very easily working as de-programming tool . . . and our getting together and getting on with it, that is cutting across all old human divisive divisions –http://oppt-in.com/julien-on-the-powerful-energetic-signature-of-the-one-people-movement/
- Is on the final stretch and will go live no later than May, and see latest update today here – http://briankellysblog.blogspot.com/2013/04/heather-uv-ixchange-and-project-xiii.html
IF YOU MISSED GREER’S SIRIUS MOVIE – http://www.1channel.ch/watch-2739242-Sirius