Sunday, 28 April 2013

Yes, it really does grow on trees - a question of worth

When my sons were very small, they believed themselves rich.  Regardless of where we went, this belief was validated.  They were surrounded in value, everything was a treasure, and all  of it was theirs.  Their shelves and pockets overflowed with it all – reminders of adventures.  Rocks, feathers, bottle tops, leaves, shells, bits of rope and wire were valuable because they said so.

We are on a Quest.  By definition, this means we are looking for something.  It would follow then, that this is something we believe we don’t have.  Our Quest is for Agape – love of self.  And what is love?  It is acknowledging worth, seeing value, and holding in a sacred place.  It is completely self-defined.

What if we all decided right now, to believe ourselves rich?  What if we all decided right now, to believe ourselves worthy?  We are both.  We’ve all felt a sense of anticipation, a waiting.  For a long time I’ve said “You are the One you’ve been waiting for.”  Today I close with “What are you waiting for?  You are the One.” This change was not done lightly.

You see, what we are all feeling right now is our own sense of indecision.  We are calling it “waiting”.  We’ve been handed the keys to the kingdom, only we aren’t sure where to find the door to use them.

Love and value are both self-defined.  My oldest sons believed themselves rich and worthy until they felt the world tell them otherwise.  My youngest refuses to accept the world’s definition and miracle gifts of abundance follow him everywhere.

What if we all did the same?  Oh I know we’ve been beaten down and it will take constant vigilance, yet what have we got to lose?

We are building our reality right now.  Let’s declare and decide what’s valuable.  I AM Absolute Value.  Green pieces of paper are not.  I can tell you what are though – trees.  What if we decided, as a collective, to trade leaves instead of worthless cash?  They are everywhere.

Suddenly, no one goes without.  The land they grow on becomes a vital asset.  We won’t be chopping them down for wider roads or cash producing crops – the trees are valuable.  The Rainforest is saved.

Worldwide wealth and Natural Resource Conservation becomes possible in the blink of an eye, with one decision; a decision about value.  

I tell you this, if you knew the power and magnificence that you were – there would be no Quest.  The idea of looking for what was there all along would seem like a game of peek – a – boo.  It’s only interesting to the baby.  She is unaware you’ve never left, and is thrilled each time you show up.

Just because you don’t have eyes yet to see, doesn’t mean you aren’t brilliant.  Decide and declare right now where the Absolute Value rests.  It is in your very Essence, your Eternal Essence.  It is there that we connect, like the leaves on the tree.  Individual and unique, they spring from One source.  

What we are waiting for is within our very heart.  Freedom, Value, and Agape are but a decision away.  Once we see the Value in each of the leaves, we understand the importance of the tree.  Unity.  

What are you waiting for?  You are the One.

I love you.

See you tomorrow,