Wednesday, 3 April 2013

The Time of Remembering

The Time of Remembering

We have known this always.  We have put it in our books and movies, our legends and sacred texts.  We are not just these rock hard abs and pearly whites!  We are eternal essence, embodied.  We have entered the Time of Remembering.

Yoda said it simply – “Do or do not.  There is no try.”  Watch this clip until the end:

Believe it.  We’ve done fear, disbelief, doubt and excuses until we are tired of our own story - Time for something new.

If I was Source, I’d want to get every possible ounce of juice out of it all before I was done.  I’d want absolute knowledge.  I’d want every possible emotion lived to every extreme.

Our slavery ending has been guaranteed folks – but this is Improv. Our Creator, in Infinite Wisdom, is watching us play out the final scene.  We have one more thing to do that we have never done – and that is to end it.  We have to say NO.  Enough.  How we do this is being written in the Eternal Moment Now.

Let’s do it with Love.  We are all players and this is our final act in this scene.  Read Jenna’s post, Laugh with Buddha on theTrain and understand what Yoda means when he says “That is why you fail.”

It is time to believe.

You are One.