Saturday, 13 April 2013

OPPT Success Stories

OPPT Success Stories

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For those not aware, or who still haven’t figured out if the One People’s Public Trust is for real, I highly recommend you visit their new Facebook page that is reserved for sharing accounts of the positive outcomes from delivering Courtesy Notices, refusing to pay bills or recognize authority, issuing invoices to parties who want to engage them, etc.
You might just be surprised.
As for news about the banks, financial system, foreclosure, reset… and I suspect this explains WHY the OPPTrs are having success.
This is a post from OPPT Canada FB page:
“A friend of mine just shared this with me:  She has a neighbor who works for State Employees Credit Union in Raleigh, NC… she asked her if she knew the banks and governments had been foreclosed on? She said, “yes”. Then, my friend asked what they were doing about it. She said, “business as usual until otherwise notified.” This is why we need to continue to DO!!!!! Individuals are being USED in the system as usual. However, I hope this gives you peace in knowing that what has happened is TRUTH!”