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Archive with Ginger notes OPPT-IN Radio Show – 8/9 April 2013

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Freedom Reigns Blogtalk Radio – OPPT-IN Radio Show – 8/9 April 2013 (Sydney 9am Tuesday)

April 8, 2013 06:00 PM CDT USA or  April 9,2013  01.00 AM Mainland Europe
Call in to speak with the host  (714) 868-0749
With Hosts
Lisa, Chris and Bob from The Collective Imagination Show, Santos Bonacci, D. from removing the Shackles, Brian and AK from American Kabuki, Heather Tucci-Jarraf.
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*Heather was on this show and answered some questions, offering much more
transparency, so well worth listening to -
*And as always, many mahalos to Lisa and all oppt show hosts!*
*- Excellent report where the Cabal or PTW are now – It’s finally dawning on them that they have no way out and is verifiable now, as more and more are now coming to Heather to negotiate their way out of it – lol. But there is no way out for them and since they have moved forward enough now, there is no turning back. How we will probably see them moving forward first is with introducing via public announcements and videos to re-educate the public all about their new prosperity for all system. (note, our using fiat money during this transition will NOT be further feeding the snake’s head to come back to life, because it’s backed by nothing)*

*- Their primary agenda is to save their corporation asses, therefore, the public will not see much money despite their rolling out “NESARA” and “PROSPERITY FUNDS” . . . only those with foreign currencies, old farm claims up to mid-90s and involved with the “prosperity packages” will see something. And while their refunding all income taxes paid back to the people, won’t amount to as much as you might think, especially if you are young. /(my note here is that during this transition, those with fiat money might want to consider assisting those not making rent or pay for food?)/*
*- But WAIT! There’s more! Brian is rolling out “Brian Bucks” and Bob is rolling out “Bite Me” coins – lol – okay so I want my backside on one of the Bite Me coins please.*
*- In the meantime, those with the real assets cannot put anything out there yet because it will get stolen.*
*- The UV Exchange is all that’s left – as it is now the only legitimate form of authentic exchange. And “It is about to come online, but has to wait until the old system is gone”.*
*- More clarifying the differences, and when it’s appropriate to use and with whom.*
*- Latest on Deryl’s eviction situation in Canada, now posted on RTS - – see latest info and how to support him, as there is now a comparable US “SWAT” team coming to evict him. Deryl was interviewed by Chris last night (link on site) to hear this. And Heather has been helping him to stand strong in how he Be. He is very cool headed though, given nearly three decades in the military.*
*- (about 62 mins in) – good question asked and answered regarding the INVOICES, and the bigger plan that is waiting for the old system to die, that can never be revived again. Now is the time to use all the new OPPT tools to change the old formula, without fear, but with kindness and helping folks understand what has just happened.*
*THE 15 YEAR OLD THAT INSTANTLY “GOT” THE UV Exhange DOC AMAZING STORY OF DE-CODING THE MATRIX – is posted on RTS site – “This gift only had to be received by One for the veil to finally drop, so now the door is wide open. Loie’s role in this has been huge both when in embodiment and now without embodiment” . . . mahalo nui loa to the 15 year old and Loie! (Heather’s mom/mum)*
*- More on Patrick Cody (news via AK blog – He is in jail for helping others beat the system, so the system framed him (but he was NOT using Courtesy Notices). You can send him supportive letters or books. Go to AK site for the jail address.*
*- Flash mobs are being organized for Australia, listen (11 mins in) for details. Flash mob on Monstanto being organized, listen for details.*
*- The last caller wanted much more transparency (about 100 min in) where Heather answers lots! So well worth listening to.*
*- Remember, it’s the opposite of what everything was now.*
*- The old system was designed to fail, and it is doing so beautifully now.*
*- They have to release the titles and become transparent now.*
*- The highest levels are being made visible now, just connect the dots.*
*- In the meantime, use 10% of the old tools / 90% of the new tools (about 89 mins in) – manifesting what you need, working with the energy, staying grounded in Eternal Essence upon Absent Limits. What you put out will come back and you will be amazed now. Lisa also shares her doing this at the beach and then actually seeing that everyone’s (energy) eggs are about to crack wide open! . . . must be what Poof’s update yesterday was about regarding the heat being turned up last week, therefore the eggs about to hatch – lol –*
*- The only way to end this experiment is to keep moving and staying conscious until it’s over.*
*- She is about to loose her home and kids, given that her husband is holding the extreme contrast right now. What I am getting here is that, given her Gaia mission and like many of us, we are here to make certain this that shift happens, no matter what the consequences! So I am sending Heather so much Eternal Heart Essence with Absent Limits, her family’s eggs will crack wide open first and asap please!*
*With Absolute Aloha Now, Ginger Snap! –