Tuesday, 16 April 2013

OPPT-IN Show 4-15-13… MP3s (and Notes from Ginger)

OPPT-IN Show 4-15-13… MP3s (and Notes from Ginger)

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MP3s were volume leveled and boosted a bit. Music was removed (-4 minutes).
MP3s (minus music, volume leveled and boosted) (30 min., 7 MB per Part)
Ginger’s notes (many thanks to Ginger who (may have) spent several hours on this…)
*- About 75 mins into show . . . RE GOLD, RV VIA D (RTS) – “. . . the reason the expected RV did not happen today is because they do not have any money . . . but everything is still moving forward, everyone was certain it would happen today . . . they have to move forward because “the Whales” (the extremely wealthy and connected folks) have already RV “cashed out” last week . . . but still cannot touch all their cash and were not even given vouchers! So they are backed into a corner and will have to raise a big stink about it” (this will in-turn kick the RV out to the rest of us to finally happen)*
*- “. . . as of last Saturday (April 13th) every country in world is now Basel III Compliant (means they must be asset-backed) . . . therefore why the artificial plunge last week in gold and silver was made, as some did not have any assets . . . this is blatant maneuvering meaning nothing (just manually changed numbers in stock market) and they can’t take it back”*
*- “. . . in the meantime, the banksters are making a killing . . . for example with all the Whales alone in US, at 5:01pm when the banks close, they have been (wholesale) trading the Whale’s money like crazy during this off time . . . and then at 8:01am, it’s back to (retail) banking”*

*- “. . . the current climate is under extreme pressure now with the Germans and other countries demanding gold owed to them last year . . . then two major European banks could not pay their clients with gold . . . and four weeks ago there was a big meeting at Fort Knox . . . and given that China has been shipping gold to them (as obviously they have none) . . . so that the RV could happen (with at least some assets)”*
*- About 24 mins into show . . . For the first time, Brian shares about a very exciting potential prospect RE THE INDONESIAN/SWISS GOLD-holders (very old royal families who have been waiting for generations for the right time to help with this Gaia shift in being part of the solution) . . . they want to work with Heather (note, for those whom have not comprehended this yet, Heather now holds all the (gold & silver) cards in her hand, as everyone from, who actually holds most of the gold/silver like these families, to those (corporate banksters) now desperate for it . . . have been contacting her and now Brian with deals and proposals from around the world) . . . I highly recommend listening to this . . . as Heather and team keep investigating this option . . . because they are essentially on the same page as the OPPT docs filed intent and it’s looking good to date . . . here is some information about it here – https://www.facebook.com/gajah.utama and here – https://www.facebook.com/swissindo.internaational and here –http://www.facebook.com/pages/PERS-UN-Swissindo/439308326131918
*- Some excellent comments made (in context of OPPT docs filed) . . . “we (humanity) are secured in our embodiments and they now know we know it” (all Fiat currencies are backed by our Energy Value now) . . . “so they are scrambling for any assets they can . . . gold owns it’s own Value because it is just like us with DNA . . . so again, gold may not be the answer to our prayers much longer” . . . but hey, Brian is already trading his hugs-Value, so line up folks with your comparable worth Value now . . . before he has to install your taking a number/giggle-juice machine! *
*- ” . . . we have taken ALL back to Prime Source, to begin once again . . . using our Energy-Intent tools . . . in rebuilding . . . and everything old is now irrelevant . . . and while we can still use some of the old if we have to . . . just remember to never loose sight of the core Value of our Energy and DNA embodiment’s-Power in our BEing and DOing here” . . . (priceless!)*
*- IN THE NEWS . . . any recent potential drama was diffused regarding the Keenan article posted on Jean Haines site last week, immediately by Lisa Harrison . . . with a perspective here by Brian. Bottom line . . . “if anyone comes looking for a fight, they are not going to find one” (with OPPT) To see what all this refers to, go here –http://kauilapele.wordpress.com/2013/04/15/soap-oppteras-and-staying-out-of-them/
*- Explosions at Boston marathon JFK library nearby, in the news today, with dog sniffing going on . . . “do not know what this really all about yet, but the intent of something was obvious . . . and wondering if cell phones were shut down (as done already in other countries, so no photos or videos of it possible)*
*- Bill Brockbrader has just been sentenced to 10 months . . . there is a flash mob you can participate in supporting him here –https://www.facebook.com/groups/320738794639382/?fref=ts
*- Deryl in Canada “is fine” (so assume they did not evict him) . . . for context listen to this last recording –http://www.spirit.kauwila.net/wordpress_kauilapele/130327_DerylZeleny_OPP_complete_128.mp3
*- Australia flash mobs are all done and will post on http://OPPT-IN.com site, and or facebook page getting all the courtesy notices Down Under done.*
*- A caller, Sovereign Lion, went into his bank (BB&T) a few days ago to educate with a courtesy notice and was surprised to find the woman he spoke with knew already, so no courtesy notice needed. (Bob noted that it’s usually the women, not the men, who fully acknowledge what they know is going on within the banks) . . . SLion calls for more people to do this with their banks, and Lisa added we can go to the oppt-in facebook page to record what we did and what happened here – https://www.facebook.com/OPPTIN
*- RE bit coins question . . . go American Kabuki cartoon today April 15th, “no one knows who created it and it took a big plunge last week along with the gold” –http://americankabuki.blogspot.com/
*- To hook up with our NYC Prince, “I am The Flow”, go here –http://www.facebook.com/FloFokuz?ref=ts&fref=ts
*- “The Secret Garden” (movie) . . . is an example where now is the time for us to get back to that magick and having confidence in ourselves to exercise our own creative individual ways, discovering what works for each of us . . . and that BEing in-Grace completely present . . . is one of the most contagious vibs to be around”*
*- Final clarification around “OPPT” . . . it no longer exists because ALL the docs were filed last year, therefore, it no longer has a function as it’s intent was accomplished. This is also why there are actually no more “Trustees” (of OPPT). The OPPT Trustees completed their 3-5 year old jobs by end of 2012. Therefore, We the People are now the ones fully responsible for how we want to BE and DO, beginning with Prime Source within.*
*- Final note . . . “the work continues on so many levels for Heather and everyone assisting her” . . . but “we no longer want to pre-empt or speculate (on the oppt shows) . . . and we are cutting back on the “what-ifs?” . . . because it keeps turning into others hearing it as “promises made” or info caste in stone by Heather (or by those hosting the shows) . . . that serves no one. “The only reason we shared about the Indonesian/Swiss gold holders proposal is because it is looking good, but no promises about it yet, as lots more investigations into it need to be made this week. So more on it next week.”*
*May all the Whales around Gaia begin to sing very loud songs of deep dissatisfaction around banksters holding their monies hostage please, GingerSnap!*