Friday, 5 April 2013

The Gauge of Enlightenment

The Gauge of Enlightenment

This is an image of the actual lights of civilization on our planet.
What I would love to see, is the Earth as the ExtraCelestials see it; lit up by the souls who have awakened and whose hearts overflow with love, joy and compassion.
Wouldn’t that be a sight to behold? If only there were a way to electronically transmit that image to us so we could share it on our blogs, websites and social media… The Gauge of Enlightenment!
I think our hearts would swell with pride at the immense wave that has swept our beautiful globe.
To be able to monitor the progress of the awakening in this way would give us all something a little more tangible to strive for and celebrate as it unfolds, day by day.
Perhaps it’s something we have all seen in our dreams as we leave our dense, slumbering bodies behind to do our spiritual work. Perhaps.
I imagine something beautiful like this coming from all of us......