Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Collective Imagination 4-9-13… MP3s (and Notes from Ginger)

Collective Imagination 4-9-13… MP3s (and Notes from Ginger)

MP3s (with minus music, volume leveled and boosted) (30 min., 7 MB per Part)
Ginger’s Notes on the Show (Mahalo, Ginger!!)
*The Collective Imagination Show – April 9/10th 2013 –
*Since I have been listening to both this show and the OPPT-IN shows, it’s been an amazing journey beginning with Heather getting my instant attention early January 2013! Fast forward, why I love these shows now is because I feel like I am part of a growing collective global family that is deeply dedicated towards waking up, pushing the boundaries and co-creating a new sparkling Gaia hologram/time line everyday.*
*One of my original intentions to start the Kona Occupy Disclosure meetup in January 2012, was the same . . . getting together and sharing what each of us was experiencing as we awaken and keeping track of the censored news. So now I and meetup members feel and see that we are part of a growing bunch of eggs cracking inter locking Eternal Heart Essence arms around Gaia for the party! And this was another FUN show/party . . .*
breaking_out_of_shell_bird*- More regarding Lisa’s seeing our eggs about to crack open, Brian adds more insights around this as to where we are collectively . . . essentially, its time to call it “a wrap”, as we have all completed our roles now. Chris adds a wonderful story how we can get trapped in our roles . . . therefore, we can help the PTW release their roles now in our own minds . . . and ask them to come on over, as the celebration party is starting now! This was followed by a wonderful visualization to help release roles, read by Brian from a Removing The Shackles reader/contributor.*

*- On American Kabuki’s blog there is a video, “Send Your Light” – about the reconciliation of all dimensions and Absolute Data, where barriers between dimensions have dissolved, where we can easily connect to all our other selves “In Unity with all other You-s” –*
*- “Most clearly, this is now a time of reconciliation” – Chris*
*- “We have collectively accomplished a huge impact over the past year and three months, where we are just beginning to see the evidence . . . and so much faster than ever imagined possible! So with a deep heart felt thanks to everyone” – Bob*
*- Lisa would like to know what effect being on these shows has had on your journey, and to post it on The Collective Imagination, please. Tah, Lisa*
*- “We are now in the final play of game, we know who is going to win, so now all we need to do is hang onto the ball” – Bob. Or like with a chess game, we are at the final check mate – Chris.*
*- Brian shares his vision and mission statement, that benefits one and all, simple, to the point and beautiful!*
*- Brian added how “the energy of truth” that some of us immediately connected to the moment we heard Heather speak, that has grown into the millions in only 3 months is amazing, in so much thanks to be part of this all!*
*- When we are feeling a challenging day, we are “FKA” (transmuting) for all.*
*- Regarding the “Non-locals” (what I refer to as “Galactics”) – A reconciliation now with these beings is so important as well. It’s time to create a safe energetic space so we can discuss how to reconnect with them and begin to communicate. So please make this intention, expressing your/our desire to meet them and their families. And even though they may have had more experience than us, remember we are ALL Equal in every single different way! (and I am requesting that this be an entire show, as we expand our galactic collective imagination :)))*
*- via Julian, the Pleadians just let us all know that this is their favorite show!*
*- About Heather, there were some questions from listeners and answers from Heather.*
*- David, the 15 year old, who completed the last big energetic piece with Loie, was on the show . . . he is feeling a big change now in living in the moment with great ease, as are his friends. What a bright clear spark!*
*- A caller shares his experiences time jumping, and Chris adds that we will need help from all those that already know how to do this very soon. (well, Joan Ocean is already offering classes)*
*- Regarding RVs, NESARA and The Absolute Data – At this moment the RV (revaluation of currencies) is not quite live in Canada yet (but lots of horse trading going already), and The Absolute Data will be triggered by coming events at this final hour. (I just got from a friend that the screen is up at Wells Fargo)*
*- Lovely story read by caller (with image of a cracked egg and sun shining through it), what has been happening since March 22nd.*
*- The Absolute Data is . . . what do you see when things roll out? What kind of deal will they be attempting to offer us? Is it the same old thing? ANSWER – We already said “no”, so do you want to come party now?*
*- And ALL discussions will have to happen face to face in full sun-lit transparency now.*
*- Anyone can suggest topics for this show – I think here – The Collective Imagination Facebook –*
*- OPPT-IN site will be down for another 12-48 hrs*
*- There is a new show for young people, called “The Remembering” FRI eves US / SAT mornings Australia by a young man (but cannot find that link yet).*
*Again, thank you in appreciation egg cracking, Ginger Snap! (