Wednesday, 24 April 2013

Collective Imagination 4-23-13… MP3s (and Notes from Ginger)

Collective Imagination 4-23-13… MP3s (and Notes from Ginger)

MP3s (with minus 1 minute of music at start, volume leveled and boosted) (30 min., 7 MB per Part)
[Mahalo Ginger for taking and writing these notes each week!!!]
This was a fun light show today . . .
- Comments made about Steven Greer’s ‘Sirius’ film (about 9mins in) . . . “good job in covering all bases for folks new to the disclosure project . . . the amount of prior hype to premiere and it being held at LA Live will help launch this movie into mainstream (and better than Thrive’s attempted launch did) . . . inspiring more research . . . creating a bridge to mainstream new thought . . . kudos to Steve for presenting only what was highly credible!”
- Disclosure shows happening today – on Coast 2 Coast first half of show with Steven Greer and Paola Harris here – http://www.coasttocoa… . . . tonight, as if miss, can listen to recording later.
- And Stephen Bassett’s Citizen’s Hearings on Disclosure from April 29th to May 3rd here – http://www.citizenhea… and here – https://www.facebook…. and here is the live webcast for a nominal fee here – http://www.citizenhea…

- Regarding explosions in Boston and Texas false flag operations . . . “if the media would just do it’s real job . . . both of these events would be fully transparent globally”
- Again everyone . . . there are NO soap operas going on here, despite who ever drama-claims they have with former OPPT, now OP . . . (i.e., Keenan, et. al. fear-mongering stories)
- Lisa thanks everyone for all their beautiful stories sent to her around how OP has changed people’s lives and were extremely touching . . . so she will be putting them all together in one place for others to read.
- The world of our sleeping dreams are more like what we will be moving into in our waking dreams . . . some fun sharing of recent examples.
- “Manifesting requires some tension . . . we are in a huge place of collective tension . . . attempting to re-adjust . . . Chris likes to party when in this space because “when you are having fun, it most easily allows you to keep out of your own way and allow the manifesting to happen” . . . Brian’s reads helpful passage around manifesting . . . and this will be on his blog soon here – http://briankellysblo…
- A helpful discussion beginning with the IRS and using a Courtesy Notice started by a caller.
- Very Important (about 1h 20mins in) reading of the recent military Bond and Oath information, now posted somewhere (cannot find!) on . . . . . . “the shift we are looking for needs closing down of the old system, so need more boots on the group . . . more and more folks in military are becoming aware of who they have been working for”
- Some interesting discussions around technologies suppressed, and about experiencing of Self, callers shared.
- About 1hr 45mins in . . . attempted mediation by Bob, and suddenly lots of technical challenges! (but Lisa recorded it, so it will be the show recording at the end.
- Note – if you are attempting to connect with Bob and or Brian on their facebook pages, don’t not give up and keep posting . . . it’s just that they cannot keep up with all the tons of communication pouring in now, but they keep working at it! They are loving it ALL!
Things are moving! GingerSnap! –…