Saturday, 23 March 2013

One Peoples Public Trust Courtesy Notice at a Community Association Board Meeting

One Peoples Public Trust Courtesy Notice at a Community Association Board Meeting

Published on 13 Mar 2013
How to hand deliver the "One Peoples Public Trust - Courtesy Notice" at a Community Association Board Meeting in 5 minutes or less.

OPPT - One Peoples Public Trust under Universal Commercial Code ( UCC) has foreclosed all Corporations including Governments worldwide in December 2012 for operating debt slavery systems. This is just the very beginning of a new legal landscape and return to Common Law - based on not harming others and honoring each person's Divine connection to the Creator.

To anchor this claim the OPPT has created legal language under common law for supporting our sovereignty as individuals against the now foreclosed corporations, banks and governments. "Courtesy Notices" are worded in such a way to enforce sovereignty for everyone in a wide range conditions. For example to notify banks that they are foreclosed for operating a debt slavery system and therefore do not exist as a corporation only individual people each liable under common law not to harm others or collect debts, loans or mortgages. The banks are the easiest to convince because they trade under and know UCC law. Corporations like Monsanto can also be noticed, the Chief of Police etc because all corporate structures cease to exist and we are now equally liable under common law.

In this example I hand delivered the Courtesy Notices to the officers of my local community association for operating a foreclosed corporation. As such the Notice is just that until the Respondent continues the illegal action. At that time a "Terms and Conditions" clause creates a legally binding contract and a scale of fees. These fees are later invoiced according to a schedule.

After I left business returned to usual, and now I will re-notice to inform them that I will be invoicing for their violation by operating a debt slavery system and harming myself and our community.

I believe to comply the intermediate solution would be to assign a new temporary board tasked to holding a new election in our 4009 member community to decide on how to democratically meet the needs of the community under common law.

(C)2013 Benedick Howard

Options on OPPT invoicing and long term strategy at Community Association

Published on 17 Mar 2013
After hand delivering the One Peoples Public Trust (OPPT) Courtesy Notice at the Monday board meeting, I had felt uncomfortable and unsure about going back to the community center and facing others. However, my fears as usual were unfounded and I found myself at the center of several powerful discussions about the OPPT and the ongoing ITCCS warrants for QE2 and now the new Pope. These converging timelines give added power to the Common Law movement. Since the Courtesy Notices have terms and conditions attached the Officers of the board have a 1000 ounces of sliver per day condition to the Notice and I discuss the math and strategy moving forward from here.