Wednesday, 20 March 2013

There are no numbers big enough

There are no numbers big enough

You have not come this far to stop now.  You are at the starting gate and the race is already won – ONE.   Do you see?

The struggle you feel is habitual.  You have come to love it because it has been a part of you for all that you currently 
remember of you.  You’ve known all along that you are love and now, with Truth at your doorstep, you hesitate.  If struggle 
is not love, then what is?

How will you know that this door opens to truth?  It is not with your eyes, ears or body for discernment – but your heart.  
Trust what fills you.

It is not about anyone else.  You are not uplifted or depressed from the action or inaction of another.  It is only you.  The 
love that you are has immeasurable worth.  You are unlimited.

Your accounts could be filled tomorrow with billions and the emptiness will not be sated.  Your value is, was, and always 
has been – within.

It is here that the shift occurs.  Around you many things are changing, yes.  They always will.  Inside you is the light; always 
the beacon, waiting for the fog to clear.

It’s clearing now.  What does a beacon do without a dense layer of fog to penetrate?  It shines.

It bursts forth with clarity, merging with all the other beacons who’ve come out of the fog.

You see, the fog became so much a part of us, it became our self-definition. We are great at pushing through.  It’s what we do.

Well, we did it.  It is done.  Time to let go of old constructs and see what else these lights can do.

Your worth does not rest in your bank account.  Your worth does not rest in your physical looks, accomplishments or 
abilities.  Your worth IS.  You have never been told this truth but you’ve always known it.  With every uncomfortable feeling 
when being restricted, you knew.  You knew as a child and you know now.  You are worthy.  Period.  End of story.

Our light has replaced the fog completely.  Allow yourself to know 
this truth. There are no numbers big enough to indicate your value.  
Let got of whatever is stopping your joy.  You are unlimited.  Feel it.  

We are the ONE we’ve been waiting for.