Friday, 22 March 2013

Ron Van Dyke Answers Paul Short's Zen Gardener Article on the OPPT

Ron Van Dyke Answers
Paul Short's Zen Gardener Article
on the OPPT

I have an article in progress on Paul Short's article on the Zen Gardner Blog (and since mirrored on Drake's web site), 
but as I was working through it, I found a bit of  sarcasm coming out in my own response to what to me was sheer 
ignorant fear on the part of Paul Short.  Sarcasm never translates well in electronic medium because it lacks the 
tone of voice that makes it funny.  Humans have invented emoticons to put a bit of that emotional tone back into 
electronic conversations, but its just not the same as saying something in person. I decided to put my attempt aside as 
I felt the approach I was taking to answering the article line by line would not be received in the way I hoped it would.

The logic of ending the system and having the Illuminati be happy about it escapes me frankly...but if you want to give 
away your personal power to make postive change and convert it into fear they can use, that's your business...  They 
are expert at generating that kind of energy and then harvesting it. They built a whole system of enslavement doing just 

I try to ask myself when writing, will the audience who this is written for "get it", and I didn't have much confidence 
in my first effort.  I may revisit it later.  My capability for biting sarcasm sometimes is not the most useful tool my 
toolbox.  Its better used in personal situations.

I have the full text of Paul Short's email interchange with Heather, but I will quote the bit that I think gets to the 
heart of the matter and perhaps the motive behind his equating the OPPT with the Illuminati, I hesitate to say 
even motive because I really don't know the man's heart for doing what he did. But here's the text:
...I am appealing to the OPPT and it's founding members and requesting that you please find a way to translate some of the value you hold in trust on my behalf into currency that I can use to sustain myself and honor the person-to-person contract I have entered into with my landlord. This request is not for some pot of gold or huge sum of money, it is for enough for me to exist in and interact with the current defacto corporate system during the transition phase to the new OPPT envisioned one.

Some background on me: I'm 45 and have been trying to live as what is commonly known as a Freeman for the past several years. I live peacefully by the common law and have actually tried to put into practice documents similar to courtesy notices and the like, but with little real success. I'm familiar with common law, trust law, UCC, the current (former?) slave system, the subversion, etc. that has been happening on this planet in some form or another throughout most of human history. So I'm on the side of the principled of OPPT and will be using the information newly available to me in my persuit of freedom, happines and dignity my creator intended for me to enjoy while on this earth.

And with all that being said, I need a portion of the value OPPT holds on my behalf. $5,000 CAD will be enough for me to live on for the next 3 months and should be enough time for me to make other financial arrangements to get me through the transitional phase into a free world via OPPT.
Paul didn't get his money ahead of everyone else.  And if he thought the OPPT was the Illuminati why was he asking for 
it?  I need money too, but I haven't asked for it ahead of everyone else. I haven't got a dime from the OPPT but do think 
its been worth every bit of energy I have put into promoting it!

Paul clearly hasn't truly read, or at least understood what the OPPT has done.  But he will come around eventually.  
Same will be true of Drake.  All of them think they are looking out for other's best interests they just don't quite see it 
yet... I get that.

Nothing has been secret here.  In my dealings with Trustees Heather and Caleb their openness and candor 
has been breathtakingly astonishing to me.  This is NOT the CIA-linked Neil Keenan secretively leaking bits of things 
here and there, or obscure POOF leaks from General Wong and Madame Wu hinting of things but not saying that they 
are merely re-aging European cabal owned debt paper of the old system under a Chinese label and adding a bit of 
stolen Aztec gold Europeans traded for spices and silks to sweeten the pot.

Someone sent me this video the other day, and I apologize to the person who sent it to me for not viewing it.  I 
thought the person sending me it was sending me more Paul Short type stuff, and I just wasn't in the mood for it. 
Turns out it is quite the opposite.

Ron Van Dyke tackles the Paul Short article head on.  I think I need to clarify one point before viewing this video, the 
only ones "bonded" are the Trustees themselves (as best I understand it) to absolute transparency and accountability, 
but other than that, this is a pretty good answer to Paul Short.  Good job Ron, you answered it better than my first 
attempt did...