Wednesday, 27 March 2013

US Citizens Defined as Property of the Government

US Citizens Defined as Property of the Government

This UCC document appeared on one of the Skype chats yesterday, it seemed familar to one mentioned 
to me by a very connected financial person.  The UCC filing statement from 2011 raised 14.3 Trillion 
in money under the Obama Administration by using the the people of the United States as "property 
improvement" capital on the land for purposes of collateral. Essentially they sold you for 14.3 Trillion 
dollars in borrowed funds.  This is quite separate from the birth certificate bonds.

I contacted the financial person and they provided me with President Clinton's 1997 Presidential 
Order, publicly defining the people of the United States as "Property Improvements" on the land of 
the United States.  You can't file a UCC on property, but you can file on property improvements.

This defining people as property has been going on since the 1930s but was only declared publicly 
in 1997 by President Clinton.

Here's the quote from  my anonymous contact:
The UCC-1 filing that you posted is related to this matter however, The executive order specifically mentioning publicly that we are Human Capital was Executive Order No. 13037 March 4, 1997 (specifically section 2 subsection ( b ) ). Prior to this the registrations of birth was secretly used in order to create a 'Bond' or debt on each individual. This has been taking place since 1933 in private.
  US Citizens Defined as Property of the Govt